Turlock City Council, Staff and Community to Give Input on City’s Strategic Plan

Turlock City Council Members will provide input on key issues necessary for the preparation of the 2011-2013 City of Turlock Strategic Plan during a Special Turlock City Council Meeting on Monday.

On January 31, 2010, during a Special Meeting Council Workshop, The Turlock City Council discussed how the current Turlock Strategic Plan may not be reflective of today’s Turlock.
The City’s Strategic Plan is comprised of content including the Vision for Turlock, Vision Statement, Purpose of the Strategic Plan, Goals/Action, Executive Summary, Strategic Plan 2007-09, and Strategic Plan Implementation.
The City of Turlock Executive Management will present what they feel their needs are and what the goals are that the organization needs to set.
Council Members will each be providing input and discussing the direction they believe the City of Turlock needs to be moving toward.
The public is invited and will be allowed to give input after City Staff presents the agenda item and before Council makes any decision.
Specific budgetary items will not be the focus of the Special Meeting but items of prioritization to the City Council and City Staff will be discussed and decided. The Turlock Strategic Plan will be a reference or guide when moving forward with decisions including future budget cuts if necessary.

The 31 paged draft version of the proposed 2011-13 Turlock Strategic Plan that is being presented to the Turlock City Council may be viewed here.

The Special Meeting has been scheduled to begin at 4pm at City Hall and has been allotted enough time to run until 10pm.

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