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TID Makes 3 Interim Assistant Managers Permanent

The Turlock Irrigation District (TID) Board of Directors voted unanimously on March 15, 2011, to hire Casey Hashimoto as the TID General Manager (GM) permantly after serving as Interim AGM since previous TID GM Larry Weis left to manage Austin Energy in August 2010. Hashimoto agreed to an annual salary of $195,500 which was the same as he was receiving while serving as Interim GM, and much less than his predecessor who was paid $277,188 a year.

The newly hired TID General Manager, Casey Hashimoto, appointed three Interim Assistant General Managers to assume permanent status at the March 22, 2011 TID Board Meeting.

Hashimoto has named Robert Nees as the Assistant General Manager, Civil Engineering and Water Resources; Larry Gilbertson will be the Assistant General Manager, Electrical Engineering and Operations; and Brian LaFollette will serve as the Assistant General Manager, Power Supply.

All three have been performing multiple AGM duties on an interim basis for the past several months. Changes had been made to the organization while they were interims. There are no vacant positions left under them. There are currently 6 AGM’s at TID.

The three promoted AGMs followed the newly appointed General Manger’s lead and agreed to the salary each were being paid while serving as Interim AGM. Compared to 2009, the AGM positions that included some of the titles mentioned were paying annually $166,144.50 for AGM Civil Engineering and Water Resources, $175,799.00 for AGM Engineering & Operations, and $185,020.50 for AGM Power Supply.

AGM of Civil Engineering and Water Resources Bob Nees’ salary will be $177,084; AGM of Electrical Engineering and Operations Larry Gilbertson will be paid an annual salary of $171,468; and AGM of Power Supply Brian LaFollette’s salary will be $171,468.

About the Three Newly Appointed AGMs
Robert Nees joined the District in 1979 and was appointed Interim Assistant General Manager, Civil Engineering and Water Resources in 2010. He oversees the District’s civil engineering, water planning, and recreation departments and has primary responsibility for activities related to resource issues, water rights, and the federal license for the Don Pedro Project, a 203-megawatt hydroelectric project on the Tuolumne River. His management of the Don Pedro Project involves various compliance activities such as in-stream flows, aquatic life, and recreation facilities as prescribed by the terms and conditions of the federal power license.
Larry Gilbertson joined Turlock Irrigation District in May of 1988 and was appointed to Interim Assistant General Manager, Electrical Engineering and Operations in August 2010. He directs the planning, design and operation of the District’s transmission lines, distribution lines, substations and communications systems. He also manages various technical studies and oversees coordination with the District’s large industrial and commercial customers in the design of new electric service facilities.
Brian LaFollette possesses 26 years of experience within the electric utility industry, 20 of which have been served at TID. He was appointed Interim Assistant General Manager, Power Supply in 2010, and is responsible for managing the District’s internal and external power generation and supply resources, day-ahead/hour-ahead energy trading and scheduling, energy settlements and various interactions with the California Independent System Operator (CAISO), the California Energy Commission (CEC) and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). LaFollette also oversees the permitting, licensing, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of power generation and related facilities.

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