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City to Pay $1,000 to Businesses Locating in Turlock

It really does pay to open a new business in the City of Turlock. In an effort to fill vacant store fronts and buildings, the City of Turlock will provide a $1,000 cash incentive to businesses that locate in a vacant space anywhere within the city limits.

The City of Turlock was originally proposing to waive fees of up to $5,000 as a way to implement a business incentive program initially advocated by Turlock Vice Mayor Amy Bublak. Because of laws and potential legal challenges regarding Prop 26 and related to fees, charges, and taxes, the City of Turlock just decided to make it easy.
The fact that the City of Turlock is giving businesses this kind of cash incentive to locate businesses in Turlock is making the news. KCRA, CBS, News10, MSNBC, and other media have shared the news on television and on the internet recently.
The $1,000 incentive can be used in any way the business owner sees fit. Marketing, inventory purchases, business start-up costs such as websites and business cards are examples of ways that businesses may use the funds.
The City funding will come from the $17.9 million General Fund reserves (as of June 30, 2010) during a six month pilot period, and with a cap of $150,000 for the program.
Eligibility requirements are minimal, with a simple four step process all that it takes to qualify. The goal of the requirements is to ensure and help businesses succeed. To qualify requires participation via the following:
1.  Development of a business plan with free assistance available at the Entrepreneur Center located at 300 E. Main Street
2.  Identification of an appropriately zoned location
3.  Participation at a pre-development meeting with city staff
4.  Provision of general information regarding the business on a quarterly basis.
The Stanislaus Economic Development and Workforce Alliance will help administer the City’s funding for the Turlock Partnership Incentive program.
“The Turlock business incentive program is an honest effort by our great City to help those who have that great idea, and need just a little nudge to get it started,” said Al Seaton, who will oversee the Workforce Alliance’s assistance to the City’s incentive program. “Of course non legitimate business need not apply.”
Additional incentives and sources of assistance are available to local businesses in Turlock, including:
– Enterprise Zone State tax credits
– Small Business Development Center programs and support
– Alliance Worknet services for recruitment, hiring and job training
– Fee Deferral Program
– Free Pre-development meeting with staff to provide information about appropriate locations for your business and potential conditions of approval 
Al Seaton believes the Workforce Alliance services being provided from the Downtown Entrepreneur Center is a key component in supporting local businesses in Turlock.
“There’s a group of business professionals who will help develop, assess risk, locate, promote, create marketing and sales strategies, and even give suggestions for employee training and development,” said Seaton. “It’s amazing what the Alliance can help with!”
The Turlock Downtown Property Owners Association (TDPOA) office is located in the Entrepreneur Center and TDPOA Executive Director Trina Walley stated, “Downtown is already assisting businesses opening up in Turlock, and in addition to the very reasonable lease rates found along Main Street, the $1,000 incentive by the City will help businesses looking to locate downtown just that much more.”
“While inquiring business owners are looking to locate downtown, it is often pointed out that every dime to open and operate counts.”
For additional information, call the City of Turlock Economic Development/Redevelopment Manager Heidi McNally-Dial at (209) 668-5542 ext.1108 or call Al Seaton at the Entrepreneur Center at (209) 585-9508.

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