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School Board Receives Public Input on By-Trustee Area Maps, Special Meeting Scheduled

Turlock Unified School District Board of Trustees held a second public hearing Tuesday night to address the by-trustee area maps that will be implemented for the November 2013 election.

The issue was presented and discussed at the previous TUSD meeting, held on June 7, 2011.
At that time, the Board received no public input on the matter, which Trustee Loren Holt was disappointed about.
Tuesday’s meeting did receive some public input regarding preferences for one of the three proposed maps.
Overall, the public preferred Plans A and B, and the Board received no favor for Plan C.
Julie Shipman, President of the Turlock Teacher’s Association, said that she likes Plan B because it is more geographically balanced and more closely aligned to school attendance areas.
“Plan B would represent the citizens of Turlock the best,” said Shipman.
Diane Springer, an employee at Osborne Elementary School, agreed with Shipman that Plan B would most likely be the best represented plan.
Residents of Keyes believe that Plan A will serve the best interest for their town.
Chatom School District also voiced their preference for either Plan A or B.
Plans A and B are more compact and focused on keeping school attendance zones together.
TUSD Deputy Superintendent Ed Felt explained that Plan C differs from the first two, as it is more stretched across town and has a wider breadth. 
The Board was scheduled to choose a proposed map at Tuesday night’s meeting.
However, at the June 7 meeting, the Board decided to postpone their decision due to the expected absences of Board President Frank Lima and Trustee John Sims at the June 21 meeting.
The Board felt that such a significant issue should be decided upon with all seven Trustees present.
The Trustees’ decision will affect the over 80,000 residents of the district.
The Board will choose a proposed map at a special meeting on Monday, June 27 at 6:00 p.m. held at the Turlock High School Performing Arts Building.
For more information on the by-trustee election maps, read:

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