Christopher Barth, TID District 1 Director Candidate

Christopher Barth, TID District 1 Director Candidate Questionnaire/Profile
What is your position on raising rates and why?
During the last TID election, merit pay was an issue as our economy continued to negatively affect the average citizen financially. Since then, discussion and action regarding merit pay has taken place publicly, but what are your feelings on what has been done about this issue and do you have any other issues with employee wages, benefits, etc (i.e. salary levels, pay cuts or lack of, pension reform, etc)?
Also in the past, TID Candidates were asked if they would be in favor of changing the TID Board Meeting time from 9:00am on Tuesday to a later time such as 5:30pm so people who work can attend. All candidates said that they would be in favor of at least looking at the possibility but nothing has been agendized or discussed with public action since then (about 2 years ago).
Would you be in favor of making the meeting time more accessible to the public? Why or Why not? And would you follow it up with action, unlike the previous candidates/current Board of Directors?
This is the 21st century and most people work until 5pm and so I would be in favor of changing the meeting time to 6pm so that anyone wanting to come to a board meeting can.
What about video recording the meetings and posting them on a website, as most other government agencies do?
Video recording should be permitted for all to view later (especially if you can’t make the meeting).

For those of us who don’t know, what is TID and/or what is it about?

The Turlock Irrigation District is one of only four irrigation district in California that provides irrigation water as well as electric retail energy directly to homes, farms and businesses.
What do you feel the duties of a TID Board Member are?
What made you decide to run for a TID Board of Directors’ position this election?
There is a lot of concern with other farmers that don’t think the Michael Frantz is a true farmer and who really understands the issues. They came to me and asked if I would run against him, with my back ground and understanding in agriculture and business I would do a better job.
List Top 5 Biographical Highlights:
List Top 3 Priorities:
Important issues facing TID: relicensing of the Don Pedro Reservoir (the outcome from this process will impact our local agriculture and business economy for generations.) control cost and wasteful spending in order to keep our rates low. Protect our water rights and the flow of water, sufficient supply and reliable storage throughout our district.
What do you feel you have to offer that the other candidate may not?
Proven leadership and understanding of the issues: long time almond farmer who irrigates with T.I.D. water, the other candidate Michael Frantz grows landscaping plants and irrigates with pumps.
Do you have anything to add or contribute to the current TID Board of Directors?
I will bring experience, leadership, and understanding to the many challenges facing our utility company and the economy today. As a small business and farm owner and a long time residence of the area I will serve with a passion because I care about this community and for future generations, and I care about you!
What issues do you feel need to be addressed more than they already are? Are there any problems or is there anything that you feel needs to be fixed/ changed concerning TID or TID customers?
If elected: I just found out that not every rate payer has a vote for their board member, I will work to have everybody who is a TID rate payer be able to have a vote. Things have changed, this is the 21st century.
Energy and water independence should always be an important strategic objective of TID. If elected the interest of both the residential and business consumer as well as the farmer who needs water will be my highest priority. I will work at keeping lower electrical rates and abundant water supply for everyone. Protect our water rights and our power supply for generations to come.
Key Endorsements (up to 5):
Complete List of Endorsements (as of time submitted):
Position Papers (specific views on specific issues) or Candidate Statements (equal to an intro at a debate or a short speech of what you’d like to communicate without being edited):
I’m not a politician I’m a down to earth, common sense candidate who believes in family values, integrity and has been part of this valley framing legacy for years. Because of that I have learned to fight for what I believe in. I grew up on a chicken and almond ranch and have farmed and irrigated almonds in Hughson for many years. As the owner of GolfUSA in Turlock I also understand the business issues and needs of the local businessman. I am concerned with the ongoing struggle for water, renewable and affordable energy rates and I feel very strong that we need to control cost and wasteful spending; lower rates for families and businesses in our community. Protect our water rights from regulatory threats and mandates.
I have a passion for agriculture and I will protect every drop of our farm water every energy rate increase and every job that depends on it.
TID should keep plenty of water at the reservoirs so it can be used for irrigation, recharge aquifers in the district and for recreational use for all.
Complete Bio (please include contact information the voters may reach you at):
Past President of the Stanislaus county Farm Bureau, County Planning Commission, (leadership during the General Plan Update, passage of the Right to Farm and Fruit Stand ordinance), State Water Quality Control Board, Hughson School Board, Rotary Club member of the Turlock Chamber of Commerce, (I serve on their Government Relation Committee).
Chairman of the Agricultural Committee for the Governor’s Central Valley Economic Summit.
Graduate of the California Agricultural Leadership Program
Recipient of the Profiles on Leadership from the Agricultural Education Foundation

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