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Cody Alicea Hosting Free Barbeque for Veterans and Supporters at American Legion in Turlock

Denair High School freshman student Cody Alicea was the focal part of an incident last year inspiring patriotism and he is continuing his strong encouragement for patriotism by holding a Veterans Day free barbeque at the American Legion Rex Ish Post 88 Hall in Turlock.

Last year’s story that involved Cody was about how he was allegedly told to remove his American flag he flew on the back of his bike when coming on to the Denair Middle School campus due to racial issues and threats.
After the incident was covered by all major media and became a nationwide story, many American patriots joined together to support Cody and the right to fly the American flag. Gatherings of support, rallies, and even a parade with many flags took place to walk Cody to school.
So a year later, Cody wants to continue showing his appreciation for veterans and patriotic supporters by holding a free barbeque. The barbeque will include a hot dog, chips, and water or soda.
The free barbeque will be held at the American Legion Hall in Turlock, located at 75 Bothun Road, on Friday, November 11, 2011, from 11am until he runs out of food.
Cody and his family have received donations from the Disabled Veterans of America, Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion Rex Ish Post 88, and Sarah Lee. Cody also fundraised over the summer by mowing lawns and collecting aluminum cans to help put on the event.
“I just want to get as many people there as possible, I’m cooking 1,000 hot dogs so I want to give away 1,000 hot dogs,” said Cody.
Bob Russell from the American Legion in Turlock said that Woods Furniture has also donated a sectional and a water clock to be raffled off and that the proceeds will benefit Westside Ministries in their effort to provide an after school meal program.

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