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Turlock City News

False Report of Shooting Locks Down Turlock Schools

Medeiros Elementary, Walnut Elementary, and Turlock Junior High schools went into lock down around 9am this morning as a victim called Turlock Police reporting he had been shot but police did not know exactly where he was.

“We received a cell phone transfer from a subject reporting he had been shot ,” stated Turlock Police Lt. Jeff Lopes. “He did not give a location, but the initial GPS showed near Medeiros school, so the decision was to lock down the school for safety.”
Turlock Police reported that Medeiros and Turlock Junior High schools were notified of the potential safety issue.

The victim was located about three blocks away from Medeiros School.

“It was a domestic dispute and he (the victim) had been sprayed with mace, not shot,” said Lopes.
The schools were given the all clear after about 15 minutes. Lopes reported that no danger to the schools was actually ever present.

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