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Turlock Development Collaborative Advisory Committee Established as Permanent by City Council

Turlock City Council held a Special Meeting on Tuesday evening at 6pm with the Development Collaborative Advisory Committee (DCAC). The Development Collaborative Advisory Committee was formed in 2007, in efforts to repair the reputation the City of Turlock had for not being business-friendly.

The DCAC, is a group of development related industry representatives and members of the public. The purpose is to provide a forum that enables the public and city staff to introduce and discuss suggestions, comments, and concerns regarding the procedure and processes of the city’s development services function and assists in the assessment of public education topics and methods of delivery. The committee provides feedback as well as recommendations with regard to the process of developing and building in Turlock. The DCAC seeks public input opportunities.

Since the DCAC was formed in 2007, Council has approved keeping the committee active by officially voting to extend its existence. The last time was a 2 year extension in 2010, to end on February 23, 2012.

At Tuesday night’s Special Joint Council/DCAC Meeting, Council approved City Staff’s request to establish the DCAC as a permanent committee and adopting bylaws.

“The DCAC will provide advice and recommendation to City Staff and the City Council for improving the business climate for the Turlock community,” stated Development Services Director Mike Pitcock. “The DCAC will also perform other tasks deemed necessary by the City Council and promote business and economic development in the area.”

The newly established permanent committee will follow some of the basic by-laws, as approved by the City Council: The Mayor and City Council will appoint nine members to the DCAC; Office term for members will be 3 years; The Mayor and City Council will appoint the Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson every year; One-third of the members will be selected annually, and members may not spend more than two consecutive terms on the committee.

The current DCAC members consist of: Chaiar Sharon Silva, Co-Chair Ron Eivaz, Robert Fernandes, Roger Gregg, P.E., Alan Marchant, Jerry Powell, Jim Shade, James Brenda, and Buster Lucas.

“Looking at this group, you come from a different aspect of the building community,” said Councilwoman Mary Jackson. “We need to hear from different members of the building and development community. I think that it is important to have that diversity.”

Mayor John Lazar also noted the importance of the establishment of the DCAC as a permanent committee.

“Through your efforts, we’ve kind of turned things around in Turlock,” stated Mayor Lazar. “It’s to your benefit and to acknowledge your hard work and what you’ve done.”

Turlock City Manager Roy Wasden explained how input from people outside of the government organization helps improvement.

“You end up thinking that you’re doing things right, but it’s so often insular,” said Wasden. “We think this is something that’s really going to help going forward.”

Robert Fernandes, current DCAC member, expressed his enthusiasm to continue working alongside the City Council and other City Staff members.

“We’ve got a great group here with diverse backgrounds, and we’re eager to get to work on anything that is thrown down in front of us,” stated Fernandes. “We just want to make sure that Turlock stays on the same playing field as our surrounding communities, and that we keep looking forward to trying to get new businesses. And any kind of help or guidance that we can assist in, we’re happy to try to do that.”

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