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CSU Stanislaus Registration System Crashes Overnight, System Back Online

The CSU Stanislaus registration system crashed in the overnight hours as students took their shot at trying to get their classes.

The CSU Stanislaus facebook page stated, “We apologize for the inconvenience experienced by students attempting to register for classes. There was a system crash in the overnight hours.”

Some students posted on facebook that the apology didn’t help the fact some students may have registered for classes while others missed out due to technical difficulties with the system.

CSUS communication representatives stated, “We realize how frustrating the issue has been. Please know that no students were able to get onto the system during the crash.”

The CSUS servers were heavily tested, but as the university said, “occasionally technology fails.”

CSU Stanislaus facebook posted, “Our IT folks are doing their best to keep the portal functioning”

The registration system is back online. If students were unable to register due to the system crash, they may try again now.

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