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Turlock Teachers Association to Stand Against Salary Cuts at Turlock Unified School District Board of Trustees Meeting

Tonight, at 5:45pm, the Turlock Teachers Association, the CSEA, and the TC-AFT will stand together against a potential decrease in salary and benefits by the Turlock Unified School District Board of Trustees at the TUSD Board Meeting.

In an email sent to the Turlock Teachers Association members, an argument was outlined regarding their stance against increasing a reserve at the expense of the District’s teachers and staff.

“We need your help, it’s time to show unity once again,” stated the email sent to the TTA members. “The board needs to ‘see’ that you do not want to take a 2.4% pay cut and that you are tired of the District using your pay check to increase their reserves. We have signs, but we need bodies.”

Some of the TTA’s concerns include: The current reserve is over 17 million dollars, with no cuts, and is projected to be over 16 million next year, also without any cuts; Administrative salary has increased by 8.5%; Teachers and Staff Salary is already reduced and work load has increased; and Teachers need support to enter a very difficult bargaining period.

“We need YOU, signs and noise,” stated the email. “If you are complacent in this process, it is like telling the District that you are okay with another cut and if teachers do not make some noise, they will impose a permanent and on going 2.4% pay cut.”

“Grab your neighbors, friends, and family, put on your black shirts, and ‘stand up’.”

The TUSD Board of Trustees Meeting, located at eCademy Charter at 1100 Cahill Ave., will begin at 6pm, however the TTA is asking their members, as well as concerned community members, to be there at 5:45pm to help demonstrate their unity against the potential cuts before the meeting begins.

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