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Turlock City News

Turlock Irrigation District Board Meeting Agenda 06-26-12

The Turlock Irrigation District (TID) Board of Directors will hold their weekly meeting this Tuesday morning at 9am. The meeting is held at the TID Main Office Building, located at 333 E. Canal St.

The Board of Directors will consider approving a resolution approving a Utility Agreement between TID and the City of Ceres for the piping of a portion of Lateral 1 and the construction of certain other improvements related to the City’s bike and pedestrian path project between Central and Richland Avenues.

In 2005, the City of Ceres and TID entered into a Master Park agreement for Canals within the City of Ceres. The purpose of the Master Park Agreement was to delineate the roles and responsibilities for the construction of bicycle and pedestrian path facilities within TID canal right-of-ways.

As the City of Ceres is currently working on plans for the construction of another segment of the path along Hatch between Central and Richland Avenues, the plans include undergrounding approximately a 600 foot segment of Lateral 1 west of Stonum Road to facilitate construction of the path.

The Board of Directors will also consider approving a resolution denying United States Cold Storage of California’s variance from District Rule RL 1100.001.

District Rule RL 1100.001 requires to replace the portion of cast-in-place concrete pipeline belonging to ID 757, or the Vargas Ditch Extension. This requirement is intended to protect the remaining members of the improvement district. The District granted a temporary deferment of the obligation for the first phase of development based upon USCSC’s contention that the improvements would be 600 feet from the pipeline easement. A second deferment was granted in 2011 when the plant was expanded under similar circumstances. Each time, the deferment was conditioned upon the understanding that USCSC would still be responsible for the pipeline replacement.

USCSC is now pursuing a third phase of development and has submitted a variance application requesting to be relieved of their responsibility for the pipeline replacement, however, TID staff has denied their request. USCSC will be appealing to the Board of Directors to reconsider the decision.

Also for consideration by the Board of Directors is a resolution affirming the State of California Concession Contract with American Land and Leisure to provide Concession Services at Turlock Lake.

The State of California and TID have entered a 30 year lease agreement ending in 2040 for the State to develop, operate and maintain recreation facilities and services at Turlock Lake. Due to the State’s current financial problems, however, Turlock Lake was placed on a list of parks designated for closure on July 1, 2012. In attempt to prevent this closure, however, the State has offered a five year concession agreement to American Land and Leisure to operate and maintain Turlock Lake State Recreation Area as well as Woodson Bridge and Brannan Island State Recreation Areas.

The concession subcontract with American Land and Leisure would have no effect on the obligations still owed to by the State to TID under the Turlock Lake Lease, but would provide a means for the State to keep the park continuously open.

Although the Board of Directors have their regularly scheduled meeting every Tuesday morning at 9am, next week’s meeting on July 3rd will be cancelled.

For more information regarding the Turlock Irrigation District, please visit www.tid.org.

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