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Turlock Candidate Nomination Filing Closed, 4 Council Candidates and 1 Unchallenged Incumbent Treasurer Candidate

The Turlock City Council and Treasurer Candidate filing period officially came to an end on August 10th, at 5pm, thus leaving the race between four Council Candidates, along with unchallenged Incumbent Diana Lewis for City Treasurer.

The four confirmed candidates for the November 6th election include Incumbents Councilwoman Amy Bublak and Councilwoman Mary Jackson, Parks and Recreation Commissioner Steven Nascimento, and political newcomer Sergio Alvarado.

More information on the candidates and their contact information will be released soon here on TurlockCityNews.com.

Council Candidate Amy Bublak

Incumbent Councilwoman Amy Bublak was first elected to the Turlock City Council in 2008 and states that she has spent her first four-year term focusing on public safety issues as well as emphasizing fiscal discipline and responsibility to keep government taxes and spending low. Bublak looks to focus on job creation and strengthening public safety in her second term, if elected.

Bublak was instrumental in creating the Turlock Partnership Incentive Program and bringing the NCAA Division II Outdoor Track and Field Championship to CSUS/Turlock.

Council Candidate Mary Jackson

Incumbent Councilwoman Mary Jackson’s states that her three top priorities remain consistent from when she was first elected to the Turlock City Council in 2008, including Smart Growth, to protect valuable farmland and not build housing west of Highway 99; Public Safety, to continue to fund police and fire, Economic Development; by bringing more jobs and companies to Turlock, while encouraging current Turlock companies with easy ways to grow.

Jackson has been a leader in supporting the arts in Turlock while also spearheading the campaign to bring the Turlock Farmers Market back to Downtown.

Council Candidate Steven Nascimento

Candidate Steven Nascimento, a current Turlock Parks and Recreation Commissioner and District Director for California State Senator Anthony Cannella (R-Ceres), graduated from CSU Stanislaus with a bachelor degree in political science and previously worked as a City of Modesto planner. Nascimento plans on leveraging his policy experience, solid values, and common sense to collaborate with the citizens and local businesses to move Turlock forward.

Over the years, Nascimento has attended many City of Turlock General Plan Update workshops and City Council meetings.

Council Candidate Sergio Alvarado

Candidate Sergio Alvarado, a window clerk for the U.S. Postal Service in Livingston, has called himself a Turlock resident for the last four years and wants to serve the community he lives in. While Alvarado plans on running a clean, grass roots campaign, he believes his political independence from other Council Members and lobby groups will be key to representing all of Turlock.

Alvarado has attended many Turlock City Council meetings while publically speaking on multiple issues including; supporting the continuance of having an invocation to start the Council Meetings, supporting putting “In God We Trust” on the Council Chamber’s wall, opposing super centers such as a Super Walmart, and being critical of hiring City Manager Roy Wasden, who at the time was new to the job with no city manager experience and was hired by Council at just over $200,000 a year.

The General Municipal Election will be held on November 6th, 2012. Two council positions are up for election, as well as the position of City Treasurer. Current City Treasurer Diana Lewis is the only confirmed candidate for re-election as City Treasurer for the November election.

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