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Seven Year Old Missing Girl Found at Friends House After First Day of School

A seven year-old girl was reported missing after the first day of school ended on Monday, August 20th. A Julien School secretary made the initial report at 3:06pm at the request of the child’s mother.

Turlock Police Department units were dispatched to look for a missing seven year old female. TPD looked for the missing child for several hours, exhausting all resources and following all possible leads, including sending out an automated call to nearby neighborhoods to describe the missing child.

Witnesses reported having seen the child leaving the elementary school with a school friend. The school later received a phone call from the parent of the friend who the missing child was last seen with. The friend’s parent told school officials the missing child was at their house. According to the friend’s parent, the child had stated that she had permission to come over to their house.

Turlock Police Department has confirmed that the child was safely returned to her parents.

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