Open Letter by Judith Suliman: Thanks for Honoring Brandon Koch

An open letter to: Mayor Lazar; Turlock City Councilmembers, Amy Bublak, Bill DeHart Jr, Forrest White and Mary Jackson; Turlock Parks and Recreation manager Allison Van Guilder and Eric Schultz; business owners, citizens and friends and family of my nephew, Brandon Koch.

As you all know, we lost someone very special recently. Adrenocortical Cancer is very rare and although studied, no one has found a cure or even a chemical or process to impede its growth. It’s an insidious disease that signs your death warrant the instant the first cells divide. Brandon didn’t survive a year from the removal of the first tumor to his last breath.

Brandon contributed to this community in a selfless manner, he was there for the underdog, for those who needed a shoulder or just a helping hand, never expecting or wanting anything in return. His mother is to be commended for raising him to be such a considerate, loving and giving person.

I am writing to thank each and every one of you who signed the petitions and stood behind us while we pursued having the name of the Turlock Skate Park changed to Brandon Koch Memorial Skate Park.

Special thanks to Eric Schultz of the Department of Parks and Recreation for his unwavering guidance, to Mayor Lazar and the City Councilmembers who enthusiastically approved our request. Thank you to the local businesses who signed the petition, knowing it was a just cause. A grateful thank you to all of Brandon’s friends who were able to attend the meetings and give a glimpse of the Brandon they knew to all of us. Those who couldn’t attend have our thanks, because I know they would have been there if they could.

I am immeasurably grateful for all your help, for being there for us, for helping me fulfill a promise I made to a dying young man.

– Judith Suliman

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