Forecasted Rain Warrants Storm Safety Reminders from TID

With multiple days of precipitation in the region’s weather forecast likely to record the first prolonged rainfall of the water year this week, Turlock Irrigation District is reminding customers and others to be prepared for fall and winter storms.

While TID performs many tasks throughout the year to further the safety and reliability of its electrical system, rain and wind storms always have the potential to cause weather-related outages during fall and winter storms. Additionally, storms such as those anticipated this week, warrant a heightened awareness about electrical safety.

What follows is a list of precautionary measures that can help ensure general public safety as well as the reliability of electric service during current and future storms affecting the region. Additional information about this topic is available at

Prior to any storm
– Know how to stay safe around electricity. Many common Electrical safety tips are featured within the Education & Safety section of TID’s website
– Trees with heavy branches near power lines should be trimmed, especially for customers who receive power from overhead service wires. More details about Tree Trimming are located within the Customer Service section of TID’s website.
– Lighter outside items that could potentially blow away during strong winds should be stored inside
– Create or purchase a storm preparedness kit and have it readily available. Have flashlights and extra batteries handy, along with a battery-operated radio and first aid kit (you can find out more here about the different types of first aid kits available). Having bottled water and non-perishable foods handy is also a good idea.
– Use surge protectors to safeguard important electrical devices and appliances
– Know how to manually operate and lock electric-operated garage doors, as well as implement storm door installation on exterior doors.
– Research reputable emergency preparedness websites, such as, the American Red Cross and FEMA for more detailed information
During/after the storm
– TID customers experiencing power loss for longer than five minutes should call TID’s 24-hour service line at 883-8301

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