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Old Mervyn’s Building Tenant Still Not Named with Rumors of Wal-Mart Filling Vacancy

David Fransen

In April 2012, the Turlock Planning Commission held a public hearing to consider a Minor Discretionary Permit to fill the vacancy at 2480 Geer Road, the old Mervyn’s building.

The building, which is approximately 62,000 square feet, has remained vacant since the company went out of business statewide in 2008.

The applicant for the Minor Discretionary Permit, who has remained unnamed, proposed to reuse the old Mervyn’s retail store as a discount food and beverage grocery store. The new store also proposed to have a pharmacy and general merchandise for sale, such as paper goods, pet food and supplies, infant and toddler goods, cosmetics, home cleaning supplies, and automotive products. The applicant also called for 24/7 operation.

While it has been rumored that a Wal-Mart store is to be opening at the location, neither the applicant nor the City of Turlock has confirmed this.

“The plans for a tenant improvements to the old Mervyn’s building have been completed and are ready for the applicant to pick up,” stated Principal Civil Engineer/Chief Building Official Eric Picciano. “The plans do not have any indication as to who the tenant is, nor have we received any information as to when they plan on picking up the completed plans.”

The applicant has not applied for a sign permit either, as of yet, making it impossible to tell which retailer will be making improvements to the building.

Although there has been no official release by Wal-Mart or a tenant’s name given to the City of Turlock by the applicant, Inland Western MDS Portfolio, LLC, regarding filling the vacancy at the old Mervyn’s location on Geer Road, many community members, including current Wal-Mart employees, are certain that the unnamed tenant is one of the Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market stores.

More information regarding the possible new tenant will be released as new information becomes available.

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  1. Vikki says:

    I have been hoping it isn’t Wal-Mart. They will kill Save-mart and Raleys. I don’t want Wal-Mart to be our only choice in North Turlock. (That and Falas). Amazon and Wal-Mart have a lot in common. They may end up being our only choices for shopping. Because it seems when they are around all the competition dies.

  2. motown says:

    [b]this would be great, the modesto neighborhood market is the best walmart i’ve been too![/b]

  3. Real Estate says:

    It’s going to be a Sam’s Club. We don’t need another low income shopping place like Wal Mart. Raley’s and Save Mart are going to go out of business if it opens up on Geer Road.

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