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Turlock Irrigation District (TID) Board Meeting Agenda 01-22-13


A light agenda awaits the Turlock Irrigation District (TID) Board of Directors on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, the TID Board is expected to:
• Adopt a policy which would govern usage of revenues from the sale of greenhouse gas allowances, made available to the district through Assembly Bill 32.
AB32, the Global Warming Solutions Act, was approved by the state legislature and then-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2006.
The bill led to California’s cap-and-trade program, which places a limit on greenhouse gas emissions, then allows polluters to buy allowances at auction to exceed their predetermined limits. Greenhouse gas producers who do not use their entire allotted allowances may sell their excess allowances.
The cap-and-trade program began in 2012, with mandatory compliance beginning this year.
• Hear reports on power outage communication from Herb Smart, district Public Information Specialist, and on activities of the Resource Management Administration, from Assistant General Manager of Resource Management, Planning & Rates Jim Farrar.
• Approve adding parcels to two different irrigation improvement districts.
A total of 4.72 acres, owned by Muchael C. Dunn and Ida May Dunn, will apply for inclusion to the Bourdil Ditch. The Kollmeyer Ditch will add 12 acres owned by Phillip M. Yori Trust 38.80-acres owned by JKL Orchards, LLC, 0.90 acres owned by Weststeyn Revocable Trust, and 38.19-acres owned by Edward A. Amador, Jr. and Carlene Amador.
• Hear weekly reports from the Electric Service division, on power generation, and on irrigation water supply.
• Conference with legal counsel in closed session, regarding two separate cases of anticipated litigation.

The Turlock Irrigation District Board of Directors will hold their regularly scheduled meeting at 9 a.m. Tuesday in the TID Board Room, located in the TID Main Office, 333 E. Canal Dr.

To review the complete agenda, visit http://www.tid.org/sites/default/files/documents/news-resources/TID%20Board%20Agenda%20-%20January%2022%2C%202013.pdf

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