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Ammonia Leak at Americold Logistics in Turlock


A broken pump seal led to a potentially hazardous ammonia leak at a Turlock business on Sunday.

Americold Logistics, located at 660 5th Street, had a seal fail at approximately 6 a.m. Sunday, venting ammonia to the atmosphere. The release resulted in Turlock Police and Fire dispatchers sending a shelter-in-place notification to adjacent neighbors.

The ammonia leak did not result in any injuries or displaced persons, and was completely stabilized within three hours.

High ammonia concentrations prevented repair workers from nearing the source of the leak, so emergency personnel closed a remote ‘King’ valve to isolate the main storage tank. The remaining leak saw only residual ammonia, previously within the piping, released.

Approximately 45 minutes after the king valve was closed, the leak slowed considerably, according to the Turlock Fire Department. The Department of Environmental Resources and county hazardous material team personnel aided in halting the leak, first reported by the Foster Farms plant just west of Americold.

County haz-mat team members wore fully-encapsulated suits to ensure their safety and secured the leak by closing the aforementioned king valve.

Officials estimate that approximately 100 pounds of ammonia leaked, dissipating and evaporating into the air. The leaked ammonia did not enter any storm or sewer drains.

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