TID Reports Rainfall Now Below Average; Board Meeting Coverage


For the first time since early December, total accumulated precipitation in the Turlock Irrigation District watershed has fallen below historical averages.

That precipitation is vital to ensuring adequate irrigation water for farmers during prime summer growing months.

A total of 18.11 inches of precipitation has fallen this water year, or 96.8 percent of normal for this date. Snow sensor readings – which measure the current snowpack, not total accumulated snowfall – are just above the historical average, at 100.7 percent of normal.

Levels were well above average at the close of December, when 11.77 inches of precipitation fell, nearly doubling the 5.96 inch historical monthly average.

But thus far, only 1 inch of precipitation has fallen in January – historically the rainiest month of the year, averaging 6.53 inches. Current forecasts show, at most, one-eighth of an inch of rain in the next week.

On Tuesday, the Turlock Irrigation District Board of Directors also:
• Received the Treasurer's report on TID's investment portfolio and investment activity. Assistant General Manager of Financial Services Joe Malaski also delivered his monthly report on activities of the Financial Services Administration
The district continues to invest in top-rated funds, the majority of its investment in U.S. Treasury Bills, beating market averages while keeping savings secure, Malaski said.
• Heard regular weekly updates on electrical service, power generation and purchasing, and irrigation water supplies.
• Approved the sale or salvage of surplus property, including 66 Blackberry cell phones.
Directors also adopted a new salvage program, which will see non-vehicle goods purchased for less than $5,000 declared as salvage, rather than auctioned. The District was spending more to hold on to the items and auction them than it was earning in auction proceeds.
• Continued the process to add parcels to three different irrigation improvement districts.
A total of 4.72 acres, owned by Michael C. Dunn and Ida May Dunn, has applied for inclusion to the Bourdil Ditch. The Kollmeyer Ditch will add 12 acres owned by Phillip M. Yori Trust, 38.80-acres owned by JKL Orchards, LLC, 0.90 acres owned by Weststeyn Revocable Trust, and 38.19-acres owned by Edward A. Amador, Jr. and Carlene Amador. The Souza-Rocha Pump district will add 101.5 acres, owned by a Souza family trust.
• Changed the meeting time of the TID board's regularly scheduled Feb. 5 meeting from 9 a.m. to 8 a.m.
• Approved a resolution amending an agreement between the district and the Transmission Agency of Northern California, which exists to build and operate high-capacity, high-voltage power transmission lines.
The revised agreement will allow TANC members, like TID, to sell their transmission rights for a full year. Previously, members were allowed to sell their rights for one day less than a year.
The change should make it easier for TANC members to market their transmission capacities.
• Adopted a resolution regarding reimbursement of advances from capital projects. The resolution, required under Department of Treasury guidelines, states that TID intends to use proceeds of indebtedness to reimburse itself for future project expenditures, but does not obligate the district to do so.
• Finalized the creation of the Miller Micro-Sprinkler District, an improvement district which will become the first pressurized, sprinkler-only improvement district served by TID.

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