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Pitman High Celebrates ‘KapTastic’ Day

Courtesy of Kristin Mar-Elia

The Green and Silver turned Red and Gold for one day this week, in honor of their most famous alumnus.

Pitman High School students celebrated KapTastic Day on Friday, honoring Pitman High graduate and Turlock native Colin Kaepernick.

Kaepernick, who walked the same halls and sat in the same classrooms as Pitman students today, will play in Super Bowl XLVII Sunday, quarterbacking the San Francisco 49ers.

“Kaepernick has had a huge impact on our school,” said Pitman High School senior Kristin Mar-Elia. “From the lunch line, to in class conversations, I constantly hear students on campus talk about him.”

The idea of KapTastic Day was developed by the Associated Student Body at Pitman High School. The day was intended to let students show their support for the 49ers and Kaepernick.

From 49ers gear, to Kaepernick jerseys, to homemade Kaepernick t-shirts, tutus and painted faces, Pitman High students were definitely in the spirit to show their encouragement and support for Turlock’s hometown hero.

“I think Colin has truly had a huge impact on not only the school as a whole, but the students individually. Seeing a small town boy make it to the pros makes the kids think 'Maybe that could happen to me, if I keep working hard,'” Mar-Elia said. “He might not know this, but he has become an inspiration and role model to many of the students at Pitman and students all around.”

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