Betting on Kap a Good Bet

San Francisco 49ers

Gamblers who weighed in on the side of 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick could have won big on Sunday, despite San Francisco's 34-31 loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

Before each game, casinos create prop bets which allow bettors to place money on an individual athlete's performance. In most cases an “over/under” number is set, with gamblers betting on the player to exceed or fail to meet the benchmark.

Kaepernick made the over on total passing yards, with 302, easily surpassing the the line set at 232 1/2. He also reached the over on total rushing yards, with 62, beating the line of 50 1/2.

Kap scored a rushing TD, paying out at 11/10, and won two of the other, more unique prop bets.

One asked which would be higher: Los Angeles Clippers Point Guard Chris Paul's total points scored on Sunday, or Kaepernick's total completions. Paul did not play, due to a bruised right kneecap, while Kaepernick had 16 completions.

Another compared Kap to legendary 49ers quarterback Steve Young, asking if Kap would beat Young's record of 49 rushing yards in a Super Bowl. Kaepernick had 62.

Kap didn't make all bettors happy, missing out on a few other prop bets.

One set the mark for Kaepernick's longest completion at 37 yards; Kap's only reached 32 yards in-game. Another placed the over/under for longest Kaepernick rush at 19 1/2 yards; Kap's longest was 15.

Kaepernick also failed to eclipse two marks set by Young: longest rush in a Super Bowl, at 21 yards, and most passing yards in a Super Bowl, at 325.

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