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CSU Stanislaus Announces Crime Violence Prevention Team


A new, interdisciplinary committee at California State University, Stanislaus is dedicated to preventing crime and violence.

The Crime Violence Prevention Team exists to identify, monitor and provide resources to individuals who display behaviors that cause concern for the welfare of the individual or university community.

“We’re available as a team to faculty, staff and students who bring to our attention issues of concern or safety,” said Dennis Shimek, Vice President for Faculty Affairs and Human Resources. Shimek also serves at the Committee Coordinator for the CVP Team. “We have a committee of professionals to review and take appropriate action. We want to make sure everyone is aware of where to go if there are issues of violence.”

The CVP focuses primarily on students who may be exhibiting signs of pending problems, however the group also monitors issues relating to faculty, staff and campus visitors as well.

In addition to Shimek, the CVP Team includes the following individuals at CSU Stanislaus:
– Dan Berkow – Director of Psychological Counseling Services
– Ron Noble – Associate Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students
– Gina Leguria – Senior Manager of Human Resources and Compliance
– Julie Johnson – Campus Compliance Officer
– Kelly Mode – HR Manager, Employee/Labor Relations
– Steven Jaureguy – Chief of Police/Director of Public Safety

The team is also able to utilize other staff and university resources to assist and provide expertise to the team when needed.

“The members were chosen based on the major responsibilities they have on campus,” said Shimek. “Those persons come to the committee with responsibilities and are attached to their job to ensure the well being of staff and students.”

The CVP Team meets once per month to review reports of incidents or referrals from the University Police Department and concerns from the campus community. The team also works closely with the university’s Safety and Risk Management Team in high-risk situations.

If a member of the CSU Stanislaus campus community is interested in promoting awareness of bystander intervention and responding to students in distress, contact Shimek at (209) 667-3351 or dshimek@csustan.edu.

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  1. Liz Lane says:

    Why do I always see the CSUS police off campus rather than on campus? How far does their patrol exist? I don’t understand why their cars are off around Costco and Target. I thought they were there to protect the students….

    • Ryan says:

      Just because they are campus police doesn’t mean they can’t or wont patrol the city..As University police they are obligated to patrol cirtain areas of the city whiten their jurisdiction and our campus has 1 mile jurisdiction in Turlock but…Since the crime has been increasing rapidly in Turlock they cover more and go further whiten jurisdiction just to keep up with everything. But sadly that should be Stanislaus county sheriff dep job to help alittle I mean we’re in Stanislaus county but I hardly see sheriff cars around maybe once in a year. So that is the reason. Good question as well.

      • Jeeves says:

        Its not the Sheriffs Department’s job to patrol in the City of Turlock. That is why we have City cops. CSUS students contribute the the crime rate so I am happy to have the CSUS police step up and help when need.

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