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Two Women Hit by Vehicle on Crowell Road


Two women, attempting to cross Crowell Road at Ansel Adams Road, were struck by a vehicle on Tuesday.

The accident occurred at approximately 6:50 p.m. Both the Turlock Police Department and California State University Stanislaus police responded to the call.

The two women, whose names were not released, were within a crosswalk when struck by a vehicle at a slow speed. One of the females informed first responding units of severe pain at the scene of the incident, and was transported to a nearby hospital by ambulance. The injuries sustained by both women were non-life threatening.

“Always be aware of surrounding vehicles when crossing the street, especially during hours of darkness,” said TPD spokesperson Officer Mayra Lewis. “We recommend pedestrians to consider wearing light or reflective clothing if they are planning on walking/running at night. Although this may not always prevent accidents, it makes it easier for drivers to see a pedestrian while they are crossing the road.”

Lewis also said that if drivers see pedestrians walking toward a controlled intersection, they should always assume that the pedestrian is going to cross.

“Stopping and making eye contact with the pedestrian prior to proceeding should never be out of the question,” said Lewis. “Both pedestrians and drivers should proceed only when it is safe to do so.”

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