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CHP Senior Driving Class to Aims to Keep Everyone Safe

Courtesy of California Highway Patrol

The California senior population is estimated to be over 6 million by 2020 – one of the fastest growing demographics in the state. And much of the senior population still heavily relies on driving as a primary means of transportation.

The California Highway Patrol Age Well Drive Smart program is specifically designed to help those senior citizens tune up their driving skills, refresh their knowledge of driving regulations and rules, receive information regarding age-related physical changes and how those changes might affect driving ability.

“During the class, seniors have the opportunity to view curriculum designed to address their needs, share their personal concerns, ask questions and consider the different options available to them,” said CHP Commissioner Joe Farrow.

The Age Well Drive Smart class is approximately 2 hours long and is offered at local CHP offices, as well as many senior centers within local communities.

In addition to the Age Well Drive Smart program, the CHP partners with the California Department of Motor Vehicle’s Senior Ombudsman Program and other public and private organizations to develop better ways to meet the needs of the senior driving community.

“We can help better prepare seniors to drive safer for the years ahead,” continued Commissioner Farrow. “Our ultimate goal is saving lives.”

To participate in the Age Well Drive Smart class, contact the CHP Modesto area office at (209) 545-7440.

The Age Well Drive Smart education program is supported by the Keeping Everyone Safe IV grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety.

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  1. rsanden says:

    I like this idea as I have seen some dangerous moves by Turlock Senior Citizen drivers!! Driving straight through a red light for example. If I see White or Gray hair behind a wheel…I will usually stop until they go by…I’ve almost been hit a few times by senior citizens. Now if we could put Drivers Education back in schools so the new generation learns the rules better the roads would for sure be safer! When I was in school you had 6 months of class room and driver simulation before you ever got behind the wheel of a car! Now you have kids getting their licenses with less than 6 months of training or experience. Let’s hope this program goes well and expands! 🙂

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