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TID to Talk With IBEW, Again


The Turlock Irrigation District Board of Directors faces a light agenda Tuesday, highlighted by a closed session labor discussion with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, which has been without a contract since December 2011.

The labor dispute led to a 45 hour electricity outage for 49 TID customers in September 2012, when IBEW workers declined to fix the issue, then interfered with other work crews. The two groups have met myriad times since that outage, but have yet to make any announced progress in their labor negotiations.

The TID will also talk labor contracts with the TID Employees' Association in closed session.

On Tuesday, the Turlock Irrigation District Board of Directors is also scheduled to:
• Begin the process to create a new improvement district, to be known as the Pelliccia Pump No. 2. The district would include 179 acres, comprising seven total parcels on Ehrlich and Hultberg Roads near Hilmar.
If approved, the Board of Directors would hold a public hearing to approve the district's creation at 9 a.m. May 21.
• Approve warrants for $67,193.67 in unpaid assessment costs related to the creation of the Livak-Chipponeri Pump District.
Some of the pump district's members have not paid their assessments. Per TID past practice, TID will pay for the costs, then annually assess the pump district members for 10 years to pay for the principal and interest.
• Cancel the TID Board Meeting of April 9, and approve the Board President or Vice President to approve payment of warrants from April 3 through April 9.
• Conduct a regular performance review of General Manager Casey Hashimoto in closed session.
• Discuss anticipated litigation in closed session.
• Hear a monthly update on the activities of TID's Electrical Engineering and Operations Administration.
• Hear regular weekly updates on electrical service, power generation, irrigation water supply, and the state of the irrigation season.

The TID Board of Directors is scheduled to meet at 9 a.m. Tuesday in the Board Room of the TID Main Office Building, 333 E. Canal Dr.

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  1. Get a contract says:

    How can the boardmembers let the unions do this and get away with it? It also looks like an immature board who can’t come to a labor agreement with the unions. What is going on with T.I.D.?

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