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TUSD Board of Trustees Recognize 31 Retiring Staff

Courtesy of TUSD

With great appreciation, the Turlock Unified School District Board of Trustees recognized 31 retiring teachers and staff from the district on Tuesday evening. Altogether, the retirees represent nearly 900 years of combined experience in education.

“It’s so wonderful to see all of you here,” said TUSD Trustee Frank Lima. “Thank you for the role model that you have been for me, my kids, and so many people within our community. I really appreciate your dedication and service to our district.”

Alongside the traditional pin that TUSD retiring employees receive each year, the retirees were also honored with a rose in a crystal vase that featured an engraved TUSD logo.

“Take these as a token of our appreciation for how special each and every one of you are,” said TUSD Superintendent Sonny Da Marto. “We cannot express how appreciative we are for all of you and your years of service.”

Principals from Dutcher Middle School, eCademy Charter, Pitman High School, Roselawn High School, Turlock Adult School, Turlock High School, and Turlock Jr. High School introduced each staff member from their respective schools while acknowledging their hard work and dedication while working there.

The retirees and their years of service at TUSD are listed as follows:

Roselawn High School
– Ann Williams Bailey, 23 years
eCademy Charter at Crane School
– Glen Blackley, 24 years
– Robert Staley, 28 years
Dutcher Middle School
– Roger Sperry, 38 years
– Laura Tornquist, 23 years
Turlock Jr. High School
– Gloria Aguiniga McGuire, 36 years
– Eugene Miller, 12 years
– Peggy Sperry, 34 years
– Michael Tucker, 22 years
– Joan Van De Pol, 39 years
Pitman High School
– William Avey, 19 years
– Kathryn Dubar, 25 years
– David Jack, 37 years
– Yvonne Olsson-Souza, 32 years
Turlock High School
– Gail Ballas, 13 years
– Sandra Blair, 38 years
– Ames Countryman, 25 years
– Mark de la Motte, 38 years
– Laura de la Motte, 38 years
– Ann Flesuras, 17 years
– Martin Jaureguy, 34 years
– Eric Julien, 37 years
– Richard Kilgallen, 27 years
– Paul Marinovich, 23 years
– Dave Moser, 33 years
– Ruth Mulhearn, 28 years
– Sally Price, 39 years
– Philip Smallwood, 4 years
– Michael Vincent, 29 years
– Christine Webb, 29 years
Turlock Adult School
– Alice Pollard, 28 years

“Thank you, all of you,” said Trustee Eileen Hamilton to the retiring staff members. “Now go out and have fun. Enjoy retirement, and always remember to play.”

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  1. Monica Sult says:

    Ms. Van De Pol was my science teacher at Wakefield Jr. High. Mr. Jack and Mr. de la Motte were my teachers at Turlock High. I have fond memories of them all and wish them all the best!

    Thank you for your dedication to all of your students:)

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