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Fitness Stations May Come to Turlock Park

Submitted by Andrew Davoodian

Lace up those running shoes – a Turlock park could soon be home to a new, multi-activity fitness station.

The all-in-one stations feature multiple workout activities, ranging from pull-up bars to crunch benches, ski-walkers, and rowers.

“I think that'd be very well received,” said Parks, Recreation, and Community Commissioner Andrew Davoodian, who brought the idea forward. “I just think that's something that the city would appreciate.”

Turlock previously hosted two sets of outdoor fitness stations, one at California State University, Stanislaus and one at Crowell Elementary School. Both were removed in recent years due to building expansions.

At one time, the City of Turlock intended to install a new set of fitness stations at a city-owned park.

“It's something the city had slated for a while back,” Schulze said.

But a loss of grant funding meant an end to the plan.

In recent months, Turlock had considered installing single-activity workout stations throughout a park, so fitness fans could jog between stations. The idea was put on hold when an initial price tag suggested the development may cost $23,000.

The integrated fitness centers would be less expensive, take up less park space, and, potentially, offer sponsorship opportunities to local businesses.

“This is something that can be sponsored and funded,” Davoodian said.

Should Turlock decide to move forward with the still-early fitness station plan, any development would likely be sited in either Donnelly Park, Pedretti Park, or the Turlock Regional Sports Complex so as to have the least possible impact on surrounding residents.

“We still contend with a lot of fitness people coming in to the parks in the early morning and late afternoon,” Schulze said.

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  1. Anne Jeffries says:

    Good idea. Hope it actually happens.

  2. Pup says:

    You said, “so as to have the least possible impact on surrounding residents.” Those people knew when they moved in there houses that they were moving in next to or close to the park. Do they really think that people should not go to the park because they live there. I say “TOO FREAKING BAD”!

  3. rsanden says:

    I think they are a great idea, using advertising to fund the program is a win win situation. It gives kids and adults the chance to stay fit in summer, companies that sponsor the equipment and program become known in Turlock as being helpful to the program. I think they should have done this plan in lue of the now scrapped bocce ball game installation. Now if we could just get a bowling center in Turlock and decent roads, this would be a great hometown to live in.

  4. Joe says:

    Good, lots of fat people in Turlock could use this

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