Throwback Thursday: Scotty’s

Scott Wejmar

Throwback Thursday on Scotty's. Do you remember Scotty's that used to be in Turlock and where it was located? If you have any information or stories about Scotty's, please share.

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  1. Sandie Sing says:

    I remember Scotty’s very well. It was located on West Main;next to the bakery, the Wigwam and Schneider’s men store. It was across from my father’s Chinese restaurant: Luke’s Cafe. My mother told me the West Main businessmen did their “dealings and wheelings” in there after closing their stores at 6 before heading home.
    As a young Turlock youngster, I was running around on the 100 block West Main while parents were making money cooking chow mein and tossing choy suey on the plates. I could see the smokey bar when my sister and I were making a pastry run for my parents.
    In the late 50’s-60’s, West Main Street was alive. People would come to town for parades, events, etc. It was alive and Scotty was very much the place to be for businessmen.

    • Susan Rohrer Maser says:

      I remember Scotty’s also and the Bakery. Mom used to take us in there. It smelled so good. My Mother told me stories about my Grandma going to Scotty’s to get my Grandpa. LOL.
      I wish Downtown was like that now.
      I miss Haulk’s Drug Store I used to eat lunch at the fountain they had. The Mercantile was nice to go and get clothes at. I worked at Youngdale’s in HS and until I was about 20 something. I loved the way they had Customers come in and purchase Wedding gifts we would wrap them for free and even deliver them to the Reception. This kind of Customer Service is long gone.
      Things have changed so much.

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