Skate Park Could Move to Donnelly Park as Part of Discussed Sale


The City of Turlock is in talks to move the Brandon Koch Memorial Skate Park to the heart of Donnelly Park, incorporating a new, more modern design in the process.

The move would come as part of the discussed sale of both the Skate Park and the War Memorial to the Turlock Irrigation District.

The potential sale of both the War Memorial and Skate Park became public at a June 12 meeting of the Turlock Parks, Recreation, and Community Programs Commission. At that time, Turlock Parks, Recreation, and Public Facilities Manager Allison Van Guilder revealed that the two facilities are part of closed-door negotiations currently taking place, related to previously-announced negotiations that would sell the Turlock Police Department site to TID.

The Skate Park's new location was chosen based on feedback received during a contentious, ultimately failed process to site a bocce ball court in Turlock, Van Guilder said.

“A lot of the concerns that neighborhoods have were fresh and foremost in our minds,” Van Guilder said. “It's our determination that the only reasonable location at this particular point in time would be Donnelly Park.”

Donnelly Park was recommended as the park is classified as a community park, not a neighborhood park. Community parks are planned as sites for amenities which will draw people from across town, while neighborhood parks are intended more as a communal backyard.

Donnelly Park is also located near the Turlock Regional Transit Center, accommodating bus riders, and features restrooms and benches.

The new skate park's design would likely integrate with the natural landscape, featuring a series of flowing trails and paths. Only some of the existing features at the Turlock Skate Park would be moved; most would be replaced.

“You'll see a much different design that what you see in traditional skate parks,” said Erik Schulze, Turlock Parks, Recreation, and Facilities Department Superintendent. “… We don't have a plan yet, but we've seen some of the new things going on.”

The final design would be developed in partnership with the community and a professional skate park design company, Schulze said, though a “strict budget” would keep the park from being the area's biggest or best. The budget has not yet been determined, and would be set based on proceeds from the sale of the existing skate park.

TID staff have declined to comment on the district's plans for the current Skate Park site, or for the War Memorial.

The Turlock Parks, Recreation, and Community Programs Commission is expected to hold a public hearing to finalize the Brandon Koch Memorial Skate Park's move to Donnelly Park at 6 p.m. July 10 in the Yosemite Room of Turlock City Hall, 156 S. Broadway.

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Comments 8

  1. David (DJ) Fransen says:
    Why would the City of Turlock not contact all the major donors and people who worked on the Skate Park for about 7 years during the original proposal process to help relocate the Skate Park? At least a heads up that something we donated and worked on was being moved would've been nice. Wow.

    And why did City Staff not even bring this up as a family petitioned to have the Skate Park renamed in honor of someone who passed away?
    • Chris says:
      These are all valid questions. I wonder what could be done with the additional funds these properties would generate on the open market. This is concerning and obviously done to avoid input from the community. This is what happens when city staff start working deals and then council rubber stamps them. The community should be outraged.
  2. S says:
    Two disgraceful moves by the City of Turlock.
    1. It is called The War Memorial for a reason...let me see maybe a memorial for those lost at war.
    2. The Brandon Koch Memorail Skate Park.
    All to pay for the marble palace, way to go city leaders.
  3. Jeeves says:
    It not wrong to move the park. 99% of the people using the park don't or won't no Brandon. Sorry but that's the truth. The park is for skaters/bikers and not just a lasting memorial to Brandon. It is a memorial park whether it is there or somewhere else. We just need to make sure the park get built before the other is closed.
    • Kelli says:
      I'm sorry, but what does "90%" of people not "knowing" Brandon Koch have ANYTHING to do with the fact that moving the park is a shady, cheap, morally wrong deal? And where are you getting your statistics from? Missed the point entirely...
      • Jeeves says:
        Kelli ~

        If you missed the point I think you have some intellectual deficits. I'm opposed to the secrets talks with TID. I believe the property will eventually be sold. I'd like to see the park rebuilt somewhere before the current park is dismantled. Why is a Brando Koch park located some here else such a problem. You may not like fact but the vast of the youth using the park today don't know or care anything about Brandon. The park is for them not for your sentimentality.
        • Kelli says:
          I'm aware of what the park is for, I use it often, and have since it opened. But insulting me isn't doing anyone any good, or make what you say valid. I've fought for the park, petitioned, and been rather successful, and I have many reasons why I disagree with what is going on, which I don't feel the need to defend here and now. Take care!
  4. Michelle says:
    Great, exactly what we need - more people at Donnelly Park. Yeah right! That's the exact reason I DON'T go. It's already crowded enough as it is.

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