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Vandals Destroy American Flag Installation in Downtown Turlock

David Fransen

Vandals have attacked a display of American flags in Downtown Turlock, marring what was to be the exhibit's triumphant return.

The flags were installed by the Turlock Downtown Property Owners Association on Sunday, in preparations for the Fourth of July parade. They lasted less than 24 hours, with unknown persons bending about 10 of the flagpoles to the point of destruction overnight.

“It's disgusting,” said Danny Mann, TDPOA Board Member and volunteer who helped put up the flags. “… You try to do something for your community and this is what you get.”

The attempted flag display was the first in three years. In 2010, thieves stole a third of the TDPOA-installed flags, leading the association to temporarily abandon the display until new flags could be purchased.

This time, in an attempt to prevent theft, workers screwed the flagpoles in place. When the vandals realized they could not steal the flags, they apparently opted to break the flagpoles instead.

The broken poles cost about $25 each, Mann said.

“If this is what they're going to do, we're not a deep pocket organization where we just keep replacing them,” Mann said.

TDPOA holiday installations have been targeted before – and not just Fourth of July displays.

During last year's Christmas display, roughly 20 strands of lights were cut by vandals between the Nov. 23 tree lighting and the Dec. 7 parade, Mann said.

The incident has been reported to the Turlock Police Department.

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  1. Kill them says:

    The vandals need to be hunted down and killed. This is America and all these illegal Mexicans need to know which country they are criminals in.

    • Jeeves says:

      You are a complete ass to make such a post. You are what happens when bothers and sisters marry. Most illegals work their butts off when they come to this country. I doubt they’d have time to do such a thing. idiots like you are the reason other countries hate Americans.

      • Deport says:

        My brother will marry a sister. This isn’t SF and pride day.

        Other countries are idiots and that’s why they hate the greatest country in the world. If you don’t like Americans, you can leave too. These vandals should be deported as soon as they are caught.

        Do any downtown merchants have security cameras?

        • Jeeves says:

          Deport ~

          You don’t have to be a racist jerk to love this country. I’m more American than any inbreed like you. I just have a basic respect for an intellect greater than a rock. You on the other hand have no clue who did this vandalism. It angers me too I just happen to act like a grown up not a racist.

    • Traitor says:

      Are traitors still killed in America? I would support that.

  2. heather says:

    Why do some jerks need to ruin it for others? Hopefully you catch these punks and shove the poles up their you know what. Probably some drunk a-holes. At least they didn’t actually get the flags.

  3. james says:

    this news is very upsetting …. maybe WE could put up a volunteer night patrol to just sit there in shifts

  4. Glenis Zuhlke says:

    I was excited to see them up Monday and pointed them out to my husband. It is disappointing that someone has so little respect for our country, our town, our city’s budget, and the people that spent time hanging them.

  5. replace says:

    can they replace them or do they need more donated i’m sure we could fundraise some together for tomorrow. who do we contact to help?

  6. Jack Ryan says:

    Where the heck is “Turlock”? Pansiefornia? How many times do you people have to get walked over before you realize it takes more than rainbows and pretty thoughts to stop a pack of punks from destroying public and private property. Just look through the police records and imagine 90% of who is responsible will be listed there in the who’s who of the town trash.

  7. dorothy says:

    I am disgusted to think that people who call themselves “Americans” did the vandalism to the American Flags downtown. If you are not proud to be here in a country, county and city that give you the freedoms of the constitution, THEN LEAVE!! Our social services can do without your drain and lack of social responsibility. Why disgrace our flag in the dark of night? You are a coward!!! Knowing that if you were seen TRUE American’s will not stand for it and will just like our Countries past and the reason we celebrate todays holiday we will stand up against any terrorist who try taking us down. You were not successful and we will not be defeated. THESE COLORS WILL NOT RUN!

    Yours Truly,

    Proud Gun Toting, Flag Flying, Patriotic, Daughter of the Revolution

    • Jeeves says:

      Wow – Nice outrage Dorothy. You’re a great American and drama queen. Wow are you to suggest people should leave. You don’t know who did the vandalism you’ve just decided to hate indiscriminately. “Real” Americans like you make me vomit.

  8. Dawn says:

    This is heartbreaking. I hope that as a community we can find a solution to put this ridiculous behavior to and end…

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