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Motorcyclist Accident on Geer


A vehicle hit a motorcyclist riding down Geer Road in Turlock on Tuesday afternoon, putting him in the hospital.

At approximately 1:24 p.m., the Turlock Police Department and Turlock Fire Department responded to the scene of the traffic collision at the cross-section of Geer Road and Wayside Drive.

According to Turlock Police, a 76-year-old male was driving the vehicle that struck the motorcyclist. While driving southbound on Geer Road, the vehicle attempted to make a left hand turn onto Wayside Drive.

The motorcyclist, a 26-year-old male, was traveling northbound on Geer Road when he was struck by the vehicle as the driver attempted to make the left hand turn.

Although the driver of the vehicle was not injured during the collision, the motorcyclist suffered major but non-life threatening injuries.

Emergency Medical Services transported the motorcyclist to a nearby hospital.

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