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Turlock City News

Fleeing Meth-head Nabbed Thanks to Helpful Citizens

David Fransen

What was likely a leisurely afternoon bicycle ride turned into cat and mouse game between 32-year-old Randy Avila and Turlock Police Department on Thursday.

A Turlock Police Officer attempted to stop Avila for a bicycle violation, but Avila ignored the officer and fled on his bike.

Avila might have escaped the officer and subsequent back-ups in pursuit, but he didn’t count on several good Samaritans who directed officers in Avila’s general direction. The officers were then able to set up a perimeter and Avila was spotted on the roof of a residence near Minaret and Race streets.

Avila found it wise to make another run for it and he jumped off the roof and fled again. But this time officers were able to chase him down and apprehend him quickly.

He was booked for possession of methamphetamine and a meth-smoking device, two active warrants for prior vehicle pursuits, possession of a dagger, and, of course, resisting arrest.

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  1. Po Po says:

    And the clothesline hit he took while he was trying to out run the Po Po was spectacular !! Bam, lights out !!

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