Power Goes Out on Fair Rides, Child Rescued from Ferris Wheel


The Stanislaus County Fair may be full of fun, but it's also had a fair share of scary moments for those enjoying carnival rides.

The first incident came opening night, when the power went out on several rides leaving riders trapped.

“One of the rides was (the Super Shot Drop Tower) and I was watching as all those people were stranded halfway at the top..and were stuck,” Erin Lesan said. “So scary!”

According to Stanislaus County Fair spokesperson Adrenna Alkhas, one of the generators that powers the rides slightly overheated. The generator was fixed within a few minutes, allowing the rides to resume normal operations.

Michelle Tapley relayed another story from Monday, when a boy had to be removed from the top of the children's Ferris wheel after his parents believed he was unsecured, and in danger of falling.

“She was yelling at the guy to stop the ride and the boy had to be taken down from the top,” Tapley said. “The operator was inattentive and had also forgotten to latch the ride.”

Alkhas said a report was filed on the incident, and after an investigation it was determined that the boy had been properly secured. Both the seat belt and the metal gate had been latched securely in place.

“We talked to the family and our number one concern was for the child's safety and made sure he wasn't injured,” Alkhas said. “The boy was not harmed and we talked to the parents, took down an incident report, and assured them this would not happen again.”

According to Butler Amusements, which operates the Stanislaus County Fair's carnival rides, the child was swinging back and forth in his seat and holding onto the rail.

“I believe they thought he was going over, but he wasn't,” Alkhas said. “We were just happy nothing had happened to him.”

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  1. Michelle says:
    That's a lie. Parents should sue. They have pictures.
  2. jesaica McElroy says:
    After reading this article I am astonished that they are telling people that the ride was secure. I sent them a photo I took right before the operator started the ride in which the metal latch is 100 percent open and was never latched-I sent the photo to the CEO and the marketing director Adrenna and all I was told was thank you for the pictures. My son was never swinging or holding onto the metal latch because the metal latch was no where near him for him to hold on to. My son was dangling on the ride hanging on with all his strength to the seat belt and could have easily slipped through if he was not able to hold on. I do not appreciate the lack of responsibility and accountability from the fair representatives. Instead of blaming the poorly put together rides and unattentive ride attendants at fault they blame a 4 year old for their mistakes.
    • S says:
      Was the 4 year old on the ride by himself??
    • jp says:
      I agree the fair reps are all snakes and will do or say anything to cover there own butts and I personally know that the maintenance manager is an alcoholic who drinks during business hours leaving lots of things unsafe

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