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Turlock Woman Escapes Attack While Jogging at Donnelly Park

David Fransen

A 43-year-old Turlock woman was attacked while jogging in the early morning at Donnelly Park on July 5. After escaping from the young male perpetrator, the victim was able to call Turlock police officers who arrested him a few blocks away.

At approximately 5:10 a.m., the Turlock Police Department received a call from the victim who told officers that she had been grabbed from behind while jogging at Donnelly Park. The young male carried the victim several feet away to a secluded area of the park, where he got on top of her, held her down, and attempted to kiss her lips.

The victim told officers that she had defended herself and was able to get away from the attacker. After providing a description of the individual to the officers, Turlock Police Officer Argueta located the perpetrator within the area of 20th Century and Golden State Boulevard.

The attacker, a 17-year-old male, was positively identified and arrested for kidnapping and kidnapping with the intent to commit rape. He was arrested and booked at Juvenile Hall.

“If women encounter a suspicious individual or feel they are being followed, we ask that they call the police immediately,” said TPD spokesperson Officer Mayra Lewis. “The safety of our community members if of prime concern to the Turlock Police Department.”

Officer Lewis said that reporting any attacks or suspicious activity helps the Turlock Police Department know if increased patrol is needed in specific areas.

“If this type of activity and the area where this is occurring is not reported, we have no way of knowing if this is an emerging trend,” said Lewis. “Having this information is very valuable and at the very least we can intensify patrol in the area to help make the citizens of Turlock feel safer while they are out and about.”

The Turlock Police Department asks citizens to consider these safety tips while running or jogging:

– When running during dark hours, consider planning your route ahead of time. Choose well-lit routes, and avoid deserted streets.
– Run with a partner – If you have to run alone, let someone know the route that you are running and how long you are expected to be out.
– Ditch the headphones – while music is enjoyable while running, there may be dangers that you can’t see but might be able to hear.
– Carry a cell phone
– Practice memorizing license plates, characteristics of suspicious individuals you encounter, and descriptions of suspicious vehicles.
– Take a self-defense class – Attackers are often looking for an easy target. Knowing basic self-defense can help victims fight off an attack.
– Consider carrying a noise maker or pepper spray

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  1. Sad Turlockian says:

    It’s so sad that we can’t even go out for a walk/jog anymore without having to look back every few minutes…:(

  2. Another loser off our streets says:

    Until my concealed carry license comes in the mail, I will be carrying my stun gun for bastards like this. I freaking hope one of these mfers tries to do something to me.

    • T says:

      Is Turlock issuing permits again? Once upon a time you had to be a city council member to get a permit.

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