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Turlock Homeowner Shoots, Kills Alleged Thief

David Fransen

A man who was allegedly trespassing at a Turlock residence was shot in the head and killed by the homeowner early this morning.
The homeowner – Robin Boyer, a 58-year-old white male of Turlock – admitted to investigators that he shot the alleged thief, a 22-year-old white male of Turlock, after he had reason to believe the young man was trespassing and stealing from his property in the 1100 block of Dianne Street.

According to Turlock Police Department spokesperson Officer Mayra Lewis, the homeowner had seen the young male trespass onto his property several times in the past. After confronting the alleged thief, Boyer told investigators that an altercation broke out between the two, leading to the shooting of the young man.

A 911 call was made at approximately 7:56 a.m. from the homeowner’s residence reporting the incident.

“The incident is still under investigation,” said Lewis. “It’s still too early to say exactly what happened.”

Responding officers found the victim dead near an open field and a barn, with a dirt bike lying near him. The Turlock Police Department also said that a shotgun was recovered from the scene.

Lewis said that the Turlock Police Department has not released the name of the deceased male, as family members are still pending notification. Boyer has not been arrested and is reportedly working cooperatively with the Turlock Police Department.

Neighbors reported that trespassing has become a problem in the neighborhood.

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  1. s says:

    One less tweeker thief.

  2. 2 Honest 2 be liberal says:

    Get the FACTS before making any assumptions…..

  3. Ooops says:

    When you enter someone else’s property with intent to do harm, you have no expectation of personal safety. The rest of the tweakers in Turlock that everyone is sick of, should consider this a wake up call.

  4. angie says:

    This just in… The “good kid” that was shot has a ARREST record for theft and stealing and was arrested twice this year alone. Back in march and THIS month.. OH and his sister who wants justice done was JUST arrested for driving the getaway car where her friend SHOT someone in the head.. I hope justice is done to HER.. This whole family is a bunch of tweekers and druggies and are ALL trash

    Turlock Man Shot In Head, Two Arrested
    Written by Alex Cantatore – alex@turlockcitynews.com

    Jose Coria and Linzey Pacheco Arrested by Turlock Police After a Turlock Man Was Shot in the Head. 04-20-13Courtesy of the Turlock Police Department
    A Turlock man was shot after an argument on Saturday, the bullet grazing the victim’s head.

    The incident occurred at approximately 7:23 p.m., near Broadway Park, after Jose Coria, 53, and a male victim allegedly became involved in a verbal dispute.

    According to Turlock Police, Coria initially left the area after an earlier argument Saturday evening. Coria then allegedly returned as a passenger in another vehicle, renewing the argument.

    As the argument escalated, Coria is accused of firing a handgun at the victim, grazing his head.

    The Turlock Police Street Crimes Unit then arrived at the intersection of North First Street and Orchard Streets to see Coria enter a vehicle driven by Linzey Pacheco, 20, which sped away.

    The victim, holding his head, informed Turlock Police of what had occurred. He was later treated at an area hospital for non-life threatening injuries.

    Coria has been arrested for attempted homicide. Pacheco was arrested for destruction of evidence and possession of narcotics.

  5. lettie says:

    Again Angie, (investigator, judge, jury and very sick person) You are attacking my whole family with your computer and/ or cell phone. If you only knew…..

  6. Lettie says:

    Again Angie ( investigator, Judge, Jury and very sick person) You are attacking my WHOLE family with your big mouth from behind your computer and/or phone…..showing who you are….a sick very sick person.

  7. jeeves says:

    Get a clue Lettie. If you don’t like reading what people think about your family. Stop reading.

  8. Lettie says:

    You get a clue jeeves. That is all I ask. My family may be the one taking care of you when you are sick or need an attorney or when you need help. Just saying ……get a clue.

  9. Lettie says:

    And Jeeves however important you may think your comment is/ was to me. Don’t try telling me what I should be reading or not reading. Really? Get over yourself. I just did.

  10. hipocrit says:

    well then robins family an friends should get used to others calling him a murderer OR dont read… also his fam isnt perfect.. his daughters husband has recored of driving while under influence of drugs. he could of been spun out n driving killed someone. hmm sounds luke mr boyer has a druggie for a son in law.. yep check the superior court index!! while you all are looking up every pacheco look up boyers family as well..

  11. Jeeves says:

    hipocrit do you mean hypocrite? Comparing a in-law with a DUI to a man with multiple arrests is like comparing you to someone with an average or better IQ. Your argument is ridiculous. All your relatives can’t be held responsible for your stupidity.

  12. jeeves is a douche says:

    Hopefully it isnt your fam that boyers druggy son n law runs down an kills while driving… point is biyers fam isnt perfect.. an to pretent they are is stupid… just like brandons fam is hsving to go through the pain of ppl digging into families past so do boyers… ones person in boyer fam is a killer the other is a druggie who likes to drive while high on who knows.. hmm hopefully nxt time he kills ppl he will make sure his fam is perfect..

  13. Jeeves says:

    Wow. Your comment above absolutely proved your ignorance. Thanks for making my case for me.

  14. Lettie says:

    Jeeves, not sure who you are attacking right now. Really doesn’t matter. Brandon was not right. Boyer was not right. And really? Boyer’s great family and friends do not have a right to harass the family who did not make the choice Brandon made. It seems like you may have some issues yourself….anger. Which leaves me wondering if you are the one who is stepping over the line between right and wrong. In boxing those grieving sister with all this type of hate. The only they have done is love their brother….not what he was doing. These actions are also making it hard to see what a great family circle Boyer comes from.

  15. angelia says:

    im pretty sure I know a little of both familys, right is right wrong is wrong ,who the hell has a right to shoot a kid in the head “thief or not”record so f@*#@#g what still does not give a man the right to shoot one in the head because hes on his property and “has a record”…..what is this marshalls law? bull crap ,if I go shoot convicted child molester who molested my kid and also has a “record”in his head ,im going to jail,,you can bet your ass I would be sitting in jal

  16. Jeeves says:

    @Angelia – I’m pretty sure if that molester was attacking you could shoot him and skate.
    @Lettie – I don’t know either of the parties. From what I’ve read, there is no credibility to be found with regards to the Pacheco kids. Its seems you’re an apologist for their family. However, whether he deserved this outcome or not, he placed himself in a position where bad things can happen. We may never know what “really” happened but if he was the upstanding citizen some are suggesting portraying him Pacheco would never have been in this situation.

  17. Lettie says:

    A very bad situation…I love them, I just can’t turn love off….

  18. robert jackson says:

    Most of the time I read comments to stories either from CNN or big city newspapers. This is the first time I’ve read some comments to such a heated topic in the Turlock press. On CNN nobody knows who you are, where you are, or even if you have a dog in the fight. In Turlock it seems that soon everyone will know who is making nasty comments and the rancor could certainly escalate. I wish that those leaving a comment would just state whether they believe a homeowner has the right to protect his property by deadly means and leave it at that.

  19. Petunia says:

    This a horrible thing that happen just to set the records straight Brandon was not homeless he also would never would hurt anyone so he wasn’t were he should have been and since he had a criminal record it’s ok to shot him no this is wrong he did not deserve to die our judges don’t even give the death sentence for theft so how can we all I know is this family deserves to see justice done this man should be arrested for what he has done only a crazy person would shoot someone in the back of the head that was running from him.

  20. Petunia says:

    Its amazing what a period (.), comma (,), question mark (?) or other punctuation can do to help people understand your comment. My response would be if you burglarize someone you hurt them in many, many ways. He was caught a couple of times which means he probably burglarized many addition properties without being caught. Burglary is not a victim-less crime.

  21. Ooops says:

    He wanted to take care of “everyone” by repeatedly stealing from elderly, poor people? What delusional world is this that you people live in?

  22. Really Shannon? says:

    Are you the sister who allegedly participated in the incident where the man was shot in the head?

  23. really says:

    Boyer robbed this young man from the rest of his life, a million times worse than petty theft!!

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