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Trespasser Shot Dead Identified, Sister Says He Was Wrongfully Killed

Brandon Pacheco

The man shot in the head and killed by a Turlock homeowner yesterday morning while allegedly trespassing and stealing from the homeowner's property has been identified as 25-year-old Brandon Pacheco, of Turlock.

According to Turlock Police Department spokesperson Officer Mayra Lewis, Pacheco was homeless.

The Turlock Police Department responded to the 1100 block of Dianne Street after receiving a 911 call reporting gunshots at approximately 8 a.m. on Tuesday morning.

Homeowner Robin Boyer, 58 of Turlock, admitted to responding officers that he shot Pacheco after he had reason to believe the young man was trespassing and stealing from his property.

According to Lewis, Boyer had seen Pacheco trespass onto his property several times in the past. After confronting the alleged thief, Boyer told investigators that an altercation broke out between the two, leading to to Pacheco's shooting.

Responding officers found Pacheco dead with gun wounds to the head in an open field separated from, yet nearby, Boyer’s residence. The Turlock Police Department also said that a shotgun was recovered from the scene.

Lewis says that it is too early to determine exactly what happened, as the incident is still under investigation. Boyer was not arrested, and is reportedly working cooperatively with investigating officers.

The case will be sent to the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office, where a decision will be made whether or not to file charges against Boyer.

Pacheco’s sister, Linzey Pacheco, believes that he was wrongfully killed.

“He was a good hard working kid that never would hurt anybody and was unarmed, and viciously mowed down,” Linzey Pacheco posted on her Facebook page. “He had a lot of family and a lot of friends that loved him. And he was too young to die like this.”

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  1. kelly mcalwee says:

    wrong place wrong time wrong persons yard..i say let this be a warning to little beggers who rob and roam..beware.

    • Jon says:

      Could also be a sign that the local police force needs to actually do something about these people. Always eager to issue fines, usually hesitant (or nowhere to be found) to protect and serve.

      There’s a veritable plague of tweakers in this town that the forces-that-be seem to be content with provided that they stay out of the “nice” neighborhoods. I’d bet one hot dollar on the deceased mentioned in this article was among this hoard.

    • Jeeves says:

      Kelly your sick in the head if you believe what you just wrote.

  2. Josh says:

    If he had tons of friend and family that loved hiim.. Why was he homeless?

  3. Emily says:

    If he had a lot of friend and family that loved him, than why was he homeless?? Why didnt his family member or friend take him in? This would have never happened if you guys really loved him. Family helps when one is in need, never hesitate.

  4. Police info says:

    Why would the police department say this man is homeless but the family on the tv news says he wasn’t? I feel like the Turlock police want people to think that he was a homeless drug addict and that his life was worth less. It’s just not the case.

  5. annon. says:

    he was not homeless he lived with his girlfriend.. there is more then 1 news artical anbout this… read up know it alls!! also if you stalkers havent already stalked his facebook you will see post after post of i love yous!! ALSO he was murdered in a SEPARATE BUT NEARBY FEILD… NOT NOT NOT IN OR ON BOYERS PROPERTY… also… was he stealing that day… kinda hard to steal stuff when your on a dirt bike.

  6. Spin it says:

    Grand Theft 0237 1400 Block of Freitas Park 13-1911
    Brandon PACHECO, 24 years old, and Blake PACHECO, 20 years old, were reported to be in a vehicle acting suspicious. Both Brandon and Blake were located and after conducting an investigation, officers found they had stolen a catalytic converter in the area they were found. Officers also found methamphetamine in the vehicle. Both were arrested for Grand Theft and Possession of Methamphetamine.

    • guest says:

      an your (*edited by tcn) dont stink right…. you have never done anything wrong??? your perfect??? what about your family?? they perfect as well.. never smoked a lil pot? not even a puff… have u ever Jwalked???? hmm its all illegal. nobody is perfect this young man is dead let it be. stop being a bunch of (*edited by tcn)

  7. Fk Twkrs says:

    Check his facebook page, its open and you can see for yourself who this kid was.

  8. anonymous says:

    He was not homeless..
    & he was a loving & caring young man..
    He had lot of family & friend.
    Time are hard & at least he’s not out robbing banks breaking into houses..
    Iv seen way worse out there..
    & guaranteed if it was someone you knew you wouldn’t want people talking crap.
    He’s dead so everyone just shut up & move on with your life if you don’t know him
    Or who he even was.he was riding his dirt bike all we know I’d the other man’s story.for all we know
    That man could of got.mad at Brandon riding his dirt bike in the field.
    Don’t judge someone from there pass..
    He is loved by many & will be missed by many.

  9. MIKE says:

    It is NOT ok to KILL, last time I looked if u kill someone u go to Jail

  10. Tessa says:

    To all the people with things to say about “tweekers” or his crimnal past or SICK and TWISTED people, I have things in my past as i’m sure EVERY one of you do as welll that i’m not proud of but because I had a hard life or did things to survive at time would I or ANYBODY deserve to be shot in the head not once but TWICE with a shot gun?????? No I don’t think so the guy who did this deserves the same death I think….For all you who are so quick to judge and talk about someone who you doubtfully really know a thing about I hope your fucking god sent miracles people who have never done wrong and your shit smellls like roses and if any of you can say that about yourself welll then i would sure like to shake your hand for ive never heard met or seen one of you!

  11. Bud Dank says:

    Ok comeing from someone who did know him, and his family, from his grandmother to his mom, to the whole family, He was a good kid, young with a whole life ahead of him, intill some half wit, trigger happy, piece of……….well you get the point, decided to take the law into his own hands and take that away from him. i believe the last time i checked, in the state of california or any other state for that matter, ok except Texeas, but the only justificaition and I mean only justificaition for takeing a persons life is if it is self defence and you fear for your own life, and with a gun thats not even justifiable if your a felon. And with a gun shot wound to the BACK of the head as he was trying to run off on his motor-cycle, with his back to him, acording to news it was a gun shot wound to the BACK of the head, there words exactly. How the F#$@ is that matter of fearing for your own life. In my opinion that man should have been took into custody on the seen. i thank in my opinion again, that the officer first to arive at the seen, should loos his gun and shield, face some kind of something, i mean im know rocket scientist, but i can put 2 and 2 together and come up what 4. What for well again in my opinion i tell you again like i said in the begining i feel that mister Boyers is a half wit, trigger happy piece of…….. that took the law into his own hands. Now if i may politely ask those of you that didn’t know him or the family and feel they need to comment thats fine, but if it is rude or hurtful to the family in any way please just keep your F#@$!# MOUTH SHUT and keep your comments to your self. THANK YOU. Elma, Trina, and family, im so sorry for your pain and loss, I love you guys.

  12. Tony says:

    @ Bud- you are exactly right about the law. This man needs to be charged. I think he messed up when he told police that Brandon has trespassed several times. That to me sounds premeditated, kinda like hes not gettin away this time, I have also never heard of someone attacking a shotgun wielding homeowner. Normally people freeze or run. I dont care if he was stealing his cadillac, its HOMICIDE, and not justifiable.


  13. Addy says:

    He was such a good guy.. that’s why he had a record.. He was arrested twice this year alone for robbery and theft.. OH and his SISTER was just arrested last night for driving the getaway car where her friend shot someone in the head.. She is REAL credible..

    Turlock Man Shot In Head, Two Arrested
    Written by Alex Cantatore – alex@turlockcitynews.com
    Jose Coria and Linzey Pacheco Arrested by Turlock Police After a Turlock Man Was Shot in the Head. 04-20-13Courtesy of the Turlock Police Department
    A Turlock man was shot after an argument on Saturday, the bullet grazing the victim’s head.
    The incident occurred at approximately 7:23 p.m., near Broadway Park, after Jose Coria, 53, and a male victim allegedly became involved in a verbal dispute.
    According to Turlock Police, Coria initially left the area after an earlier argument Saturday evening. Coria then allegedly returned as a passenger in another vehicle, renewing the argument.
    As the argument escalated, Coria is accused of firing a handgun at the victim, grazing his head.
    The Turlock Police Street Crimes Unit then arrived at the intersection of North First Street and Orchard Streets to see Coria enter a vehicle driven by Linzey Pacheco, 20, which sped away.
    The victim, holding his head, informed Turlock Police of what had occurred. He was later treated at an area hospital for non-life threatening injuries.
    Coria has been arrested for attempted homicide. Pacheco was arrested for destruction of evidence and possession of narcotics.

  14. Addy says:

    BUD DANK and everyone else saying he was a “GOOD KID” HELLO.. You are all on his level. He was such a “good kid” that he has a ARREST record.. in fact he was arrestes twice THIS year alone.. back in march and OH NO.. THIS MONTH too.. for what.. THEFT and ROBBERY.. HMM OH and his sister. she was JUST arrested for driving the get away car for her friend who SHOT someone in the head.

  15. Kathy Alamo says:

    You can debate good kid or not. Was shooting him (in the head) necessary?? Home owners have been charged in other instances with shooting suspects through the door while breaking into their house. I hope a honest and thorough investigation is completed. It is a tragedy.

  16. anonymous says:

    robin just buried his Father. monday.. nxt morning he killed brandon. fed up and greiving is no reason to kill somebody.. has anyone looked at robins mental state at the time of event…

  17. Oooops says:

    Speaking of mental states, I am SUUUUURE the investigators have ordered a toxicology on Brandon to see what kinds of violence-inducing illicit drugs this kid was on or withdrawing from when he repeatedly aggressed against another human being who was minding his own business, living out in the country. Even if they charge Boyer with something, if it comes back that Brandon was tweaking or comign down from meth (which it likely will) the Central Valley-selected jury will acquit him as all in the Central Valley know that tweakers are violent people & are a danger to anyone they encounter.

  18. Kel says:

    You have things in your record you’re SURE everyone else has done also? Nobody is perfect. But if you lie with the dogs, expect to get fleas. Them’s the breaks!

    Smoking “a little bit of pot” and being caught with methamphetamine are two different worlds, miss.

  19. Uncle Mitch says:

    Brandon I love you and I’m going to miss you . You will always be in my heart .I know where are and I’ll see you again. Say high to grandpa for us.Missing you will never end.

  20. Kel says:

    There was a death and a moral issue to be dealt with, between the man and god. Both parties are going through hell. There is a young man dead, and a grown man mortified of what has happened and what he’s done. Both parties deserve respect. Accidents happen. This wasn’t supposed to happen.

  21. Kel says:

    it’s strange that comments continue to be deleted. the gun shot wound was NOT in the back of the head. ROBIN BOYER is not a felon. Go to stanislaus county case index and find out for yourself. also, the shotgun is registered under his name. that isn’t possible if you’re a felon.

  22. concerned says:

    Robin Boyer should be charged w/premeditated murder execution style

  23. Jeeves says:

    Ridiculous comment. The only premeditation would have belong to the trespassers. This kid isn’t an innocent victim. Suggesting Boyer executed this kid is just plain nonsense. Did Pacheco deserve to lose his life? Only he and Boyer know for sure. Given boy men’s history I’ll give the benefit of the doubt to Boyer.

  24. Oooops says:

    I too, will give Boyer the benefit of the doubt based on the fact that Pacheco is going to be proven to be a tweaker, & tweakers are violent & threatening. Not the kind of person you can just allow to come onto your property & attack you. To anyone defending this criminal, your riff raff lifestyle is your own bad decision. Decisions have consequences, ALL OF THEM. Don’t blame others when it comes back to bite you in the a$$!

  25. SimplyAmazed says:

    It is so sad the world we live in…. all these righteous people who have no problem devaluing a life.. A young life at that… when I read the articles over and over again no where does it say this young man was aggressive….. no where does it say he was armed…. we will never know the truth the whole truth because one member of this atrocious act is gone and can never tell his side of the story… I am a family member and not even his father is saying he was an angel none of us have but this young man did not have a weapon on him… was indeed shot in the back of the head… Mr Boyer shot at him twice two properties from his home…. in this society I can not believe that this is not seen as violent act….. that is an execution kill…. any intelligent gun owner can read these articles and see that this is another idiot with a gun only improving the opportunity on the ban on guns…. not a very responsible gun owner…. no one has the right to be judge, jury and executioner…… and further I have heard there were comments of eliminating the whole Pacheco Clan….. so I guess you assume everyone in contact with this young man is of criminal intent or drug induced or however you define it… be careful with those threats one of the Pacheco Clan members may have the sense enough to file a lawsuit for such a threat…. By the way I don’t believe this man was defending his property I think he was angry old coot who was pissed off at the world and took it out on this young man the very day after he buried his own father… I don’t care what this young man did he was not in Boyer’s house… he was not assaulting Boyer or a member of his family…. Boyer should step up to the plate and tell the truth not his truth but the truth so far his story still does not make sense to me….. And riddle me this all you amazing wonderful people that believe woohoo glad he was shot…. would you shoot someone in your front yard taking a bicycle…. better yet would it be legal… better yet do you think you should get off acquitted… Just curious… And this young man that was so horrible was honored on his burial day with over 400 attending… But I guess that says nothing about him or his family….

  26. Jeeves says:

    You’re a family member yet you hide behind an alias. It sad a life was taken and it may or may no have been justifiable. I hope he attacked the man and vengeance was reigned upon him. Whatever the future holds for Boyer I hope this killing was justified. I hope it was justifiable otherwise an innocent life was wasted.

  27. SimplyAmazed says:

    (Jeeves)I feel compelled to stay alias because there has been a threat to as they say the Pacheco Clan…. Not ashamed just concerned for my safety..

  28. really people says:

    i`ve been following this story from the start. Since then i have been doing alot of research on california laws that would pertain to this incident..trespassing law,self defense law,laws om theft and robbery,justifiable homicide..and plenty more..i did this not because i had a personal interest but because of the circumstances in wich it happened..In all the hours and countless pages of laws and statues and doctrines to the laws did it say that it was within the legal boundaries of the law to use deadly force against someone who does not impose an IMMEDIATE threat to your physical well being.. it says and i quote “THE DEFENSE OF JUSTIFICATION WOULD FAIL, for example, if a defendant DELIBERATLY KILLED a petty thief who did not commit robbery and who did not appear to be a physical threat. However, the owner or lawful possessor of property has a privilege to use any degree of non-deadly force necessary to protect his possession or recover his property, regardless of no physical threat to his person ” and there is also something called a duty to retreat which states that if the victim of a crime has a REASONABLE MEANS to retreat from the act of a crime then he BY LAW MUST do so…this man made no attempt to contact the police BEFORE he went OUTSIDE of his home with a loaded shotgun to confront a TRESPASSER he only did so AFTER HE KILLED the man..

  29. Kel (Really People) says:

    You’re not fooling anyone coming back with a different name. You were wrong as “Kel” and you’re wrong now.

  30. s says:

    Everyone has been posting on this tragic incident based on vague media reports.
    I have not seen any confirmed detailed reports on the event and I believe comments should not be made until an official report has been released.

  31. boyer is a murderer an his fam is trash says:

    Theres a post on Levi Azevedos page.. he looks like a tweeked out washed up tAttoo artist (not the point) however if you look at his facebook theres a long post about how he will kill anyone who speaks badly of his daughter… very disturbing… goes far enough to say he will hunt you down an kill your whole family and put a bullet in your head… hmm sounds like Mr. Boyer son in law is off his fn rocker as well… in his post he admits he had no reason to write that he just did… im sorry but why is everyone supporting this murdering family. For reals look him up. Hes trash so is his wife. Shes a fn nut case emailing everyone who beleives her dad killed that boy an tryin to justify it. Then her loser husband puts that on his page along with the fact that he spent a week in jail… smh fn. Loser.. btw… why would an entire family (pacheco) LIE about where there son was shot.. why would they say he was shot in the back of the head if he wasnt?? Just dont sound like something to like about… i would never say my family member fied of a wound or illness they did not have… plain n simple boyers suppprters for out your cash for them lawyers an court fines i hope he rots in hell for what he did. Trying to use self defense when he shot that boy in the back pf his head!! Idk what i idiot bpyer supports say i believe his sister an fam when they say they seen the gun shot wound on back of his head.

  32. pray for jeeves says:

    Go team pray4Jeeves
    Hes heartless an needs all the prayer an counceling he can get

  33. Edward Watch says:

    I feel sorry for everyone who feels they have the right to judge the victim of a crime.

    Gun Enthusiast Shoots Unarmed Man in the Back of the Head
    Turlock, California – September 4, 2013 – On the morning of July 23, 2013 an unarmed, 25 year old Brandon Pacheco was shot in the back of the head by 58 year old gun enthusiast Robin Boyer.
    Robin Boyer alleges that Brandon Pacheco was stealing from his property. However, no items of Boyer’s were found on or near Pacheco’s body when members of the Turlock Police Department arrived on scene.
    Victim Brandon Pacheco was found deceased with a gunshot wound to the back of his head two parcels north of Boyer’s property.
    The victim Brandon Pacheco was approximately 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighed approximately 155 pounds while the shooter Robin Boyer is approximately 6 feet 1 inch tall with an approximate weight of at least 220 pounds.
    Robin Boyer is a known gun enthusiast and known to have friends and family over to his home for target practice behind his property. He was at one time a licensed firearms dealer in the state of California.
    It has been 43 days since the confession of shooter Robin Boyer knowingly shooting and killing victim Brandon Pacheco, still no arrest has been made in the case.
    The Pacheco family has been actively seeking information from the Turlock Police Department and the District Attorney’s office. But have been told nothing and are unsure if charges will be filed in the unjustified shooting death of Brandon Pacheco.
    A private investigator is now assisting the Pacheco family in their search for justice.

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