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Turlock City News

Around Turlock – July 26


The sign says it all, "Welcome to Turlock."

What does it look like to you and what impression do you think it gives visitors? Let us know what you think, please.

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  1. FranDizzle says:

    Damn that sign is sad… there definatly needs to be something done to replace that joke of a sign, if there was a car wash or bbq charity i know that i would spend 5$ to not have that janky sign representing Turlock(and also me by association). I hope im wasting my time commenting and that some body already took care of that hunk of junk pathetic excuse for a sign.(no offence if the “artist” reads this comment. I would not have given the sign such a poor review if i wasn’t certain of the fact that i could create a much sturdier and much more, asteticaly pleasing design. All the city of Turlock needs in order to adequatly welcome visitors is; a fairly simplistic, or even an old fashioned style, replica of one of the classic Welcome signs found in any of the many famous cities across the country.) If i had to guess why our cities’ sign is so low budget i would say exactly that, it must’ve been low budget, or by the look of it, no budget. But that’s an excuse that will only last i long as there’s a recession or while the economy is doing bad. Once people start to make some expendable income there will be no reason to have an embarassing reminder in the form of a not very well made sign to constantly point out the fact that some people don’t care as much about making things right the best of their abilities and instead care solely for the instant gradification of recieving payment for their service and will do just barely enough work to insure that legally they’ve ,completed their prior agreed upon obligation. This trend of only doing the bare minimum makes me feel sad for thos kinds of people who are perfectly happy to take credit for something they know that they made using the moto, “quantity over quality.” I for one absolutally cannot be okay with cutting corners and knowing that something i produced, had been made a lesser quality then it’s for no reason other then to make more product but at the same time then spend less money. It’s worth it to take a little longer making the things i do just that extra bit nicer an then you can be proud because of working just a little harder gives me more things to back up my good name . I won’t do things half @$$ed because i take pride in everthing i do. 

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