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Trespasser Killed by Homeowner Had Criminal Record


Brandon Pacheco, the 25-year-old man shot in the head and killed by a Turlock homeowner on Tuesday morning while allegedly trespassing and stealing, has a previous criminal record including conviction of grand theft in March and an arrest for commercial burglary earlier this month.

“We have had previous contacts with him,” said Turlock Police Department spokesperson Officer Mayra Lewis in regards to Pacheco.

According to the Turlock police activity log, Brandon Pacheco and Blake Pacheco, 20 of Turlock, were arrested on March 11 after being found with a stolen catalytic converter and in possession of methamphetamine.

The Stanislaus County Superior Court convicted Pacheco of grand theft after he plead guilty later that month. He was also deferred to a drug treatment program for the methamphetamine charge.

On July 1, Pacheco was arrested at approximately 2:22 p.m. for commercial burglary at Bob’s Muffler, located in the 400 block of N. Center Street in Turlock.

Pacheco was shot at approximately 8 a.m. on Tuesday morning, in the 1100 block of Dianne Street. Homeowner Robin Boyer, 58 of Turlock, admitted to responding officers that he shot Pacheco after he had reason to believe the young man was trespassing and stealing from his property.

According to Lewis, Boyer had seen Pacheco trespass onto his property several times in the past. After confronting the alleged thief, Boyer told investigators that an altercation broke out between the two, leading to Pacheco's shooting.

Responding officers found Pacheco dead with gun wounds to the head in an open field separated from, yet nearby, Boyer’s residence. The Turlock Police Department also said that a shotgun was recovered from the scene.

The case will be sent to the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office where a decision will be made whether or not charges will be filed against Boyer.

Pacheco’s younger sister, Linzey Pacheco, who was involved in a drive-by shooting in April, says that her brother was wrongfully killed. Pacheco’s family has publicly said they hope to see charges pressed against Boyer.

“He was a good hard working kid that never would hurt anybody and was unarmed, and viciously mowed down,” Linzey Pacheco posted on her Facebook page. “He had a lot of family and a lot of friends that loved him. And he was too young to die like this.”

TurlockCityNews.com could not reach Boyer for comment.

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  1. jhon says:

    1 less scumbag to worry about these tweekers need to get out off here or they will get shot

  2. Nancy says:

    To Brandon’s family and those who loved him: I am so sorry for your loss and for the pain this brings. I am praying for your family, that you would be comforted in this time of loss.

  3. Addy says:

    His family have been saying the last few days what a good guy he was and he didn’t deserve this.. HMM he was such a good guy that he has a record, was arrested back in march and eairler this month.. OH and his sister who was whinning about what a good guy he was and didn’t deserve it was just arrested for driving the getaway car where her buddy shot someone in the head

  4. Shiloh says:

    Turlock is riddled with meth addicts and thieves. I’ve seen this kid hanging around my old apartment complex to score meth. He was no angel, and it seems like his family wasn’t either. In a town that already has an epidemic of drugs, addicts, and thieving, the property owner had EVERY right to protect himself and his property.

  5. Michael Fraioli says:

    If the article is accurate then the headline is not accurate. The headline implies that the young man was trespassing on this occasion. According to the article, that is unclear at best. When he was shot he was not on the homeowner’s property. If he was not even trespassing, on what basis is the shooting justified?

  6. Tony says:

    @ ADDY, you can’t shoot someone in the head because of their past. If that is the case, you deserve a bullet as well. I bet you don”t have the spine to tell that someone in your family who isn’t perfect that “they deserve a bullet”. You are on an ignorant level and lack the intelligence to look at the situation in it’s context.
    @jhon- your not worth my time.

  7. Oooops says:

    Tony doesn’t understand that this grown man that decided to be a criminal got shot not “because of his past” but because he committed a violent act after repeatedly robbing an elderly man. No one in their right mind has sympathy for criminals who cause their own deaths by repeatedly violating the rights of others.

  8. justanotherparatrooper says:

    Seems to be a lesson there. Oh yeah, dont burglarize and steal from others and dont attack a man with a gun…thank God this turd wasnt black or we’d have Rev Al there already.

  9. Chris says:

    This guy has a history of being a meth user and stealing things. He got what he deserved. You don’t touch another mans property. You get a job and work hard for what you have.

  10. Tony says:

    I am not sympathetic of any criminal. I merely realize the simple fact that you might want to shoot someone stealing your possessions, but it is NOT LEGAL. Being a proud gun owner, I know what the law is for using it. He was asking for trouble by stealing from people, and if he attacked the man then he had it coming. The whole point of my statement is LAW. No wonder we have Obama, nobody looks at the actual case, everyone goes off feelings. Fact: Zimmerman was attacked, and acted in self defense. Everyone has the right to DEFEND themselves. I just wanna know if he was shot in the back of the head and if this really was justified.

  11. nikki says:

    dear reporter,
    i think it would be decent at the very least to address the young man as a human being first of all, rather than “trespasser.” A young person, unarmed person was shot and killed. This is a tragedy for the young man, his family and the shooter, whether or not he had a criminal record. I think that the angle from which you wrote your article is shameful. You should review the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics. — Tell the story of the diversity and magnitude of the human experience boldly, even when it is unpopular to do so…
    Peace to thieves and murderers,

  12. shannon says:

    Regardless of what he has ever done, he didn’t deserve this. Even a jury would not have sentenced my brother to be executed!! None of our family is defending any wrong he did!! Why dont all you sick people go live in a state where it is legal to shoot someone in the back of the head. What ever happen to fighting like a man?? My brother didnt have a weapon on him, he has never even been arrested for any violence against anyone! My sons bike was stolen does that give me the right to go shoot the little jerk that did it? All you trigger happy sick people need to get a life and keep your ugly comments to your self!!

  13. shannon says:

    I have tried to keep my mouth shut, not respond to all you ignorent gun happy people, but enough is enough!! I sit here and read you comments and I even get horrible messages about how bad of a person my brother was and how he deserved what he got, and how I am such a piece of crap for defending him! I will never condone or defend “his crimanel record” but what I will tell you is that my brother Brandon has never ever commited any type of violent act against anyone!!! He has never been arrested with a gun or even a pocket knife! I seriously doubt that any judge or jury would sentence my brother to death for what he did!! I can tell you now he didnt deserve this and all you trigger happy people that think he did should move to a state where it is legal to shoot someone in the back of the head for tresspassing or stealing in their field!! And for all you idiots that say he wasnt shot in the back of the head are wrong, I had to see his lifeless body and kiss and hug him for the last time, I seen the wounds. You all need to get a life and quit commenting on something you know nothing about!!! Rest With Jesus Baby Brother!! Missing you will never get easier for us!!!

  14. Jeeves says:


    Did you read the entire article? I thought Hallam did a nice job with the information with which she was working. She didn’t vilate any ethical code. Unfortunately, had this young man been held accountable for his previous behavior he would have been in jail instead of being killed. Place responsibility where it belongs and that is with Pacheco.

  15. Eric says:

    This sounds like a clear-cut case of poor victim selection.

  16. meh says:

    repeat offenders get offended sometimes

  17. Oooops says:

    Tony- It used to be “NOT LEGAL” for slaves to run away from their owners. Do you still want to argue law, or do you want to be a straight shooter & talk about what the appropriate thing to do is, with violent unpredictable people on meth who cause such problems, that the cops & people writing the laws have yet to offer a solution for?

    Personal responsibility for ones’ actions is an idea completely lost on the entitled slackers of Turlock.

  18. Edward Watch says:

    I feel sorry for everyone who feels they have the right to judge the victim of a crime.

    Gun Enthusiast Shoots Unarmed Man in the Back of the Head
    Turlock, California – September 4, 2013 – On the morning of July 23, 2013 an unarmed, 25 year old Brandon Pacheco was shot in the back of the head by 58 year old gun enthusiast Robin Boyer.
    Robin Boyer alleges that Brandon Pacheco was stealing from his property. However, no items of Boyer’s were found on or near Pacheco’s body when members of the Turlock Police Department arrived on scene.
    Victim Brandon Pacheco was found deceased with a gunshot wound to the back of his head two parcels north of Boyer’s property.
    The victim Brandon Pacheco was approximately 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighed approximately 155 pounds while the shooter Robin Boyer is approximately 6 feet 1 inch tall with an approximate weight of at least 220 pounds.
    Robin Boyer is a known gun enthusiast and known to have friends and family over to his home for target practice behind his property. He was at one time a licensed firearms dealer in the state of California.
    It has been 43 days since the confession of shooter Robin Boyer knowingly shooting and killing victim Brandon Pacheco, still no arrest has been made in the case.
    The Pacheco family has been actively seeking information from the Turlock Police Department and the District Attorney’s office. But have been told nothing and are unsure if charges will be filed in the unjustified shooting death of Brandon Pacheco.
    A private investigator is now assisting the Pacheco family in their search for justice.

  19. Edward is right says:

    Please don’t judge the victim. Mr. Boyer is an upstanding citizen and deserves the benefit of the doubt.

  20. guest says:

    Edward would ya be so kind to tell me where you read that artical. Glad the truth is coming out.. sound more like murder then self defense.

  21. Hey Oooops says:

    You confirmed my point exactly. You FEEL you can take the law into your own hands because the criminal justice system sucks. I dont know what happened out there, but i will bet if it is proven that this guy was shot in the back of the head, you will still try to justify off feelings. Oh, and I bet you were not born in the wild west and survived all this time. Take your ignorance and fantasy philosophy back from whence it came, HISTORY.

  22. Are we serious? says:

    If Pacheco never decided to break the law and steal from another hard-working citizen, he would have not been shot by Boyle that morning.

    It’s not Mr. Boyle’s fault Pacheco is dead, it is Pacheco’s. He sealed his fate when he decided to mess with the wrong group of people.

  23. mac99go says:

    Mr boyer a little gun happy I think. This is not Texas mr. Boyer! you cannot take the law into your own hands. Period!! The law states you can not shoot someone for trespassing on your property, unlike texas. Ive heard information that mr. boyer has a family member that works for Turlock PD. maybe that’s why the district attorney doesn’t plan on filing any charges on the gun happy mr.boyer. I guess we can get away with killing someone if I have family that’s a police officer.

  24. mac99go says:

    Charges need to be brought on Mr Robin Boyer.. the law is the law! Law states that you can not shoot someone for trespassing unless you feel threatened of your life.. Mr. Pacheco did have a criminal record but nothing for violent offenses. im sure he wasn’t there to hurt the gun happy boyer.. justice needs to be served on boyer.. if not we might as well live in florida were you can kill someone without being prosecuted.

  25. shan says:

    Yes ive heard from his daughter shelly myself.. she emailed me back when this all first happened.. apperently she does not like the fact that not everyone agrees withher fathers choice to shoot someone in back of there head… well anyways after she called me a fat C u nxt tuesday (which im neither) she proceeded to lay all the happenings out… i however have nvr believed her so as soon as the man above pksted that news artical stateing boyer shot the UNARMED pacheco boy who also had NO STOLEN KTEMS ON HIM. I emailed that artical to that bitch and sure enough my family works for police department blah blah blah… unfair and curupt system we have.. but from what ive read on a few of these post the boyer family isnt spic n.span clean an perfect like everyone thinks and there daughter is definitly a few screws loose.

  26. That article is fake says:

    Search around to find that article, you won’t find it from any news source, only posted on sites like this or kcra in the comments section. Do some research people instead of believing all the lies you read from the family ie he has someone on the police force who are getting him off the hook etc.

  27. Tony says:

    To all who think that that this guy would not have been shot if he was not stealing tells me you saw him stealing. From the info I have seen, He was shot on another property and lay dead next to his dirtbike. A friend of mine was shot in the arm with rocksalt years ago while riding between a couple orchards. I myself was almost run into a canal on Harding road when I was younger, by an angry old bastard who lived across the street from the canal and didn’t like the dust. He blocked the road and swung his door open in the small gap I had to get by between his truck and the canal. If my friend or myself would have been shot and killed in either scenario, I’m pretty sure the shooter would have said the same thing Boyer did.
    For in the same manner you judge men, YOU shall be judged.

  28. Andrea says:


  29. Brandon says:

    He wasn’t committing a violet crime so he shouldn’t have been shot. so should he be able to rob mr Boyer blind as long as his intent wasn’t to hurt him. That tells me there is something wrong with the law!! Mr Boyer was protecting his property from a known criminal/ meth addict. Good for you mr Boyer. If Pacheco was such an upstanding citizen he wouldn’t have put himself in that situation.

  30. Missi says:

    Robin Boyer is a gun enthusiast that broke the law and committed murder when he shot and killed Brandon Pacheco. There was no physical altercation Brandon Pacheco was unarmed and NO stolen property was found in his possession. In addition he was shot and killed in a neighbor’s field.
    The Turlock Police Dept. needs to do their job and turn the case over to the DA’s office so that Boyer will face the consequences for his crime!!

  31. Most of us REALLY don't care says:

    THIS JUST IN . . . No one cares. A crook, with a drug background, who steals from people, got killed while doing criminal activity. Its hard to feel sorry for him. I guess he messed with the wrong farmer. Good for the farmer for protecting his property and family.

  32. People DO Care says:

    Actually many people do care and are both sickened and saddened that Robin Boyer shot and killed an unarmed Brandon Pacheco. The criminal in this case is Robin Boyer-he shot and killed an unarmed man in a neighbor’s field. Then Robin Boyer has attempted to devalue the victims life in attempt to get away with murder!

  33. Seth says:

    How is this man not in jail. In no way was his life threatened. Brandon has no priors of violence. And what exactly was he stealing nothing worth getting you’re life taken over. I just wish to see the day this man gets locked in a cell

  34. Brian Pacheco says:

    All this talk about my brother being a addict and a thief but look who is out there with a gun sitting there waiting to shoot someone some of you don’t know what your talking about and need to keep your mouth shut because look at Boyer now!

  35. Turlock Home Grown says:

    Point Blank is that your brother is a drug addict thief like all the other tweakers around town and this old timer did us all a favor. We shouldn’t have to worried about scum like this steeling and robbing our hard earned possessions. He got what was coming to him. In old times the hole town would of made sure he would never steal again cut his hands off or hang him. There was a lot less crime back then. Like I said he got what was coming.

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