Citizens Stop Attempted Homicide at Donnelly Park After Man Slits Ex-girlfriend’s Throat

Courtesy of Turlock Police Department

A crowd of Turlockers intervened in a Donnelly Park assault Monday, holding down a man after they witnessed him slit his ex-girlfriend's throat.

At approximately 5:45 p.m. Monday, the Turlock Police Department received an emergency call regarding the assault in progress at Donnelly Park, located at 600 Pedras Rd. in Turlock.

According to TPD, Dan Rigney, 52, used a knife to cut his ex-girlfriend’s throat while threatening to kill her. Citizens who were at the park then intervened, holding Rigney on the ground until officers arrived.

The victim was immediately transported to a local hospital with serious but non-life threatening wounds and is reported as being in stable condition.

Turlock Police arrested Rigney on charges of attempted homicide, criminal threats and domestic battery.

Officers said that Rigney and the victim met at Donnelly Park to exchange property as their relationship had ended.

The Turlock Neighborhood Watch Facebook page reported the incident late Monday evening, with many neighbors saying they had witnessed or heard the situation while it was occurring.

“I was at the park at the time of the attack” said Turlock resident Jose Mál, on the Neighborhood Watch page. “I had no clue what was going on because I was at the other end. I came back a couple hours later to find the entire scene taped off. My cousin heard a girl’s throat had been slit. If I had known anything like this was going to happen I would've stopped it. This is our town and this is a reminder that it may seem safe, but no matter what it'll never be safe so just always watch your back folks. If you think someone is following you, make sure by crossing the street or something. Remember to protect yourself and loved one's."

The case is currently still under investigation by the Turlock Police Department. Anyone with information is asked to contact Det. Steve Rodrigues at (209) 668-5550 ext. 6626.

The Turlock Police Department is an active participant in the Crime Stoppers Program. Callers can leave an anonymous tip by calling Crime Stoppers at (209) 521-4636 and may be eligible for a cash reward.

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  1. Oh No Not Another Tweeker says:

    We don’t need people like this in our community. Relocate the welfare office to somewhere that is already shitty, like Stockton, & stop the churches’ tweeker-attracting handout programs. Everyone is tired of their bullshit!

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