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Turlock Plans Bike Lanes for Christofferson, Geer, Monte Vista

David Fransen|

Three major Turlock thoroughfares may soon gain bike lanes.
According to Turlock City Engineer Mike Pitcock, the city is in talks to add bike lanes to Christofferson and Geer roads, as well as Monte Vista Avenue.
“Every time we have an opportunity to add bike lanes, we try to do that,” Pitcock said. “It is one of those things that's high on our list.”

Turlock receives a pool of state money every year which may be spent only on non-motorized transportation improvements. Much of that money will be spent to improve Turlock's network of bike lanes in the coming years, as the city's new general plan places an emphasis on improving Turlock's bikeability .
The first road to see new bike lanes will likely be Christofferson Road, Pitcock said, as Turlock is currently going through the process to add those lanes. Monte Vista Avenue bike lanes will likely follow, being added as Monte Vista Avenue is repaved this fall.
The proposed Geer Road bike lanes are the least certain, and remain in discussion. To add bike lanes, the city would be required to remove some on-street parking on Geer Road.
“It's one of those things where you kick around the positives and negatives, and how it affects businesses,” Pitcock said.

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  1. s says:

    I have noticed that the City of Modesto is painting areas of their bike lanes green, is that a new requirement?
    It sure make the lanes more visable.

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