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TID Dams in Good Shape

Courtesy of TID|

Turlock Irrigation District's Don Pedro Dam is in prime operating condition, a recent inspection found.

TID conducted its annual inspection of Don Pedro Dam on July 29, part of an Federal Energy Regulatory Commission requirement to operate the dam. FERC representatives and district employees both conducted independent inspections, finding the dam in tip-top shape.

“There were no issues found,” said Brad Koehn, Civil Engineering Department Manager. “The dam was found to be in good condition for continued operation.”

The internal inspections continued Monday, as TID staff toured facilities at La Grange and Dawson. Turlock Lake and Hickman facilities are due to be inspected later this week.

The regular inspections are part of TID's dam safety program.

On Tuesday, the TID Board of Directors also:
– Approved an early, 8 a.m. start time for their Aug. 27 meeting. The hour-early start comes to meet with an attorney whose only free time was at 8 a.m.
– Agreed to surplus 17 old vehicles, selling them to the highest bidder through an auction.
– Cancelled the regular TID board meeting of Aug. 20, and approved the payment of warrants for the period of Aug. 14 through Aug. 20.
– Heard regular weekly updates on electrical service, power generation, and irrigation water availability.

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