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Used Syringes Found Near Several Turlock Homes


Last week, a Turlock woman woke up to find used syringes in her front lawn. After posting a photo of the needles on the Turlock Neighborhood Watch Facebook page, she found that she was not alone.

Another woman said that her mother-in-law had found two used syringes in her mailbox last week as well. Two others came forth on the same post saying they had also found used syringes recently.

“My kids could have been poked,” posted Heather Michelle on the Neighborhood Watch page. “The drug situation in Turlock is out of hand.”

Michelle also said that upon calling the police about the incident, she was told by a dispatcher to throw the syringes away herself. After refusing to touch the needles, she convinced dispatch to send an officer to properly dispose of the used syringes.

There may have been a miscommunication with the dispatcher, Turlock Police Department spokesperson Officer Mayra Lewis said, noting that citizens should always call the police if they discover used syringes.

“I am not aware of dispatchers telling the public to dispose of found syringes themselves,” said Lewis. “Used syringes are considered hazardous material. If Turlock residents find used syringes around their homes, we recommend that they do not try to dispose of them by themselves.

“Discarding them in a garbage receptacle does not eliminate the potential of someone getting pricked, and that is what we want to avoid,” continued Lewis. “We have qualified personnel who have been specifically trained on how to properly dispose of syringes that will respond to collect the syringe and properly dispose of it.”

Lewis said that notifying the police department of any ongoing problems in a neighborhood helps officers know what areas may need more patrol.

“We address issues that may affect that quality of life of Turlock residents and this is definitely one of them,” said Lewis. “We are dedicated to serving our community and I guarantee you that we will do everything we possibly can to combat this problem. We urge the public to call to report this, as it could possibly be resolved by simply having patrol units making a presence throughout the night to discourage this type of activity.”

Despite the many reports of used syringes, Lewis and Turlock Police Sgt. Stephen Webb both said they had not seen a recent rise in heroin usage in Turlock.

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  1. joke says:

    The facebook page turlock neighborhood watch sucks. You make one comment not even a rude one, just one that none of the admins agree on an your put.the delete you an dont let u rejoin. Sad cus this page is supposed to be here for us to stay informed an instead its ran by catty ppl who just delete you cus you dont agree with a post or cus you want to make a neighborhood watch group for your neighborhood. I for one felt bad for that lady. She was made out to be a bad person who.didnt carr about crime unless it was in her own backyard which was not the case. I beleive she was new to town an wanted updates on things in her own neighborhood as well… but admin felt she was gonna steal her spotlight i guess an decided to delete that poor woman. I would like a neighborhood watch group that dont jave such catty ppl running it.. its about our neighborhoods not about the admins an if something offended them. If no rules are broke dont delete ppl… you clearly do that based on your feelings.

  2. concerned person says:

    I am the person who contacted the TPD about the syringes on my front lawn and I was told by the distpatcher to throw them in the trash. I informed her that I WOULD NOT do that as I knew it was illegal to do so and I wanted to know what to do. She said hold on, spoke with someone else, and got back on the phone and again told me to throw them in the trash. I told her again I WOULD NOT do that and requested an officer pick them up. When the officer arrived he did not have a sharps container with him he just came to the door. While I had already picked them up, as alot of young children walk in my neighborhood, and put them in a plastic bottle with a lid on them the officer seemed unaware of the legalities of syringes and bio-hazard disposal of them. He said he would drop them off at the hospital.

    I have had to use syringes (for medical purposes) and it is a big deal on how to dispose of them properly. First they must be in a sharps container marked bio-harzard and when the container is full it is to be droped off at a disposal site and not the hospital. This is a bright red container like the ones you see at your doctors office. They come in many sizes and if the officers are not carrying any with them how are they correctly disposing of them? And if they are unaware of disposal sites how are they disposing of them correctly? Officer Lewis needs to review the tapes of the conversation, as I am sure they do record them (maybe not) and educate his dispactcher’s or who ever ansews the non-emergancy line. I am very dishartened that officer Lewis would out and out lie about such a thing….why not just state the person who answered that day had no clue what she was doing and we will train our officers on proper disposal protical.

  3. joke says:

    That TNW page on facebook is toooo catty. The lady who runs it acually deleted a poor woman who wAs new to the area an wanted to create a watch group for her neighborhood to know whats happening a lil closer to home… well after everyone tore her down about her idea dani love or one of the other admins deleted that woman.. i read the rules she didnt break nkt one. Dani love an others must of thouvht she would steal their spotlight. Im in the tnw group an can deffintly say ppl break those rules all the time but because ppl have become friends with admins they look the other way… seriously dani love n the rest of you admins. You created this page to keep us informed so stop being selfish an abuseing what lil power you have. Thank you.

  4. Blah! says:

    While I agree that the dispatcher was wrong, I”m not sure what your complaint was about the Officer. Do you not agree that of all places hospitals would have red biohazard containers to dispose of the needles? Geesh lady, what more do you want?

  5. stasi says:

    The hospital is usually not responsible for deposal of Bio materials outside of hospital use.. and yes needles most definitely qualify as a boi hazard. Needles are to be placed in a sharp box and turned to a collection site. Walgreens used to be on the list. It would seem that there would be some type of protocol for an officer in this situation. If there is not, for the protection of the officer and others, there should be.

  6. Dani Love says:

    Apparently someone here was misled, the women who you are refering to was causing a ton of issues on the page, giving false information, BREAKING rules, and sharing things on her page that is an OPEN group and TNW is a closed group FOR A REASON…that is why my ADMINS decided she needed to be removed! As far as spotlight? Please don’t be so quick to judge, little do you know how many televised interviews I have declined, I do NOT want spot light, recognition, NOTHING except for a safer place to raise my family. If protecting the page makes myself and my admins”catty” then on behalf of us all…”MEOW”

  7. Give me a break! says:

    Dani ~

    I don’t even know you but your response to the post suggests you have a chip on your shoulder. Anyone can start a Turlock Neighborhood Watch Group let do a new one. Yeah, and I’m sure people are beating down your door for interviews.

  8. Dani Love says:

    Denise, This is a news website regarding a very important article can you leave it at that? You’ve made your point very clear, I’m fine with the way you feel about myself and my admins, this is exactly why my admins removed you from the group. The page is about neighborhood watch not constantly starting arguments. However if you do feel that you can contain yourself feel free to come back and join…your judgment has caused no hard feelings 🙂 This is the end of my part of the conversation though, you know how to reach me if you feel you need to 🙂 Have a great day!!

  9. joke says:

    Dani idk who denise is but im just stating things i have seen an read by yourselg an a loud opinionated Mary. An i agree with the cpmment above you definitly got a bag of doritos on yojr shoulder.. seriously SOMEONE ANYONE creat a better neighborhood watch.. an please stop being such a witch when ppl speak of leaving your page you care about everyones safty why do you not add all ppl who want to join or Rejoin… my friend has tried to be added multiple times… but because she left your page once you wont add ber back… news flash dani love the TNW page is great you however suck. Seriously get over your drama and let anyone join… if you care about all our safty an yours as well then why is your group CLOSED… should anyone be able to view the page… i think so.. also all your new suprises your doing to link our neighborhoods come on!!!! Thats what that lady wanted to do… you loud mouth mary an a bunch of others shot her idea down… oooh here comes lil miss spotlight with a new site to link us all… lol yes just admit that woman ruffled your feathers creating her group… smh if it wasnt for the updates i get about thistown i would have nothing to do with your page.. because with all respect you suck as admin.. btw how are those doritos????

  10. tiffany says:

    Dani you need to delete yourself from the page an admin.. being in the TNW group i must agree with these comments about you. You an others seem to make comments often that would make some people wonder why you are making rules in the first place.

  11. dani love says:

    I’m fine with “sucking” as you say as an admin as long as the page is doing good!! I actually looked for her page and messaged her trying to find her page but got no where, again, my admins deleted her for very good reasoning but I don’t wish to downgrade and explain why… I am also not always in control of who joins and does not join I have a very strong group of individuals that monitor this page and do a great job at it so perhaps your friend wasn’t re-added for a reason if you think you can do a better job at it then please do!! I’d love for our community to have more resources!!!! And if you remember correctly, I did state that I had plans for different districts to have a more organized neighborhood watch for their specific areas other than facebook as it would cause confusion. When I am approached with an idea especially that of the Chief of Police I don’t turn it down! Not looking for spotlight. I also wished Denise good luck and like I said, looked for the group also. Everyone is welcome to come and go as they please on the page as far as I know nobody has left and then not been accepted back just for leaving the page! And if that’s the case contact myself or our group of admins so that it can be fixed! As far as my comments go, I have never once broken a rule that the page admins have set…The only basic rule is no drama and it seems to be the only thing I am getting from these comments….. As I said before no hard feelings here just getting the facts straight!! If you feel TNW or MYSELF (since that seems to be the topic of discussion here) are not doing a good job then by all means no reason to stay and make yourself miserable!

  12. real funny says:

    dani.. i love how you talk about someone being able to find you if they would like to discuss something…. your profile is private and you cant recieve emails… i guess some issues wont be resolved. There is also NO way to message the TNW page

  13. Dani love says:

    What is your name? I would love to speak with you… I can message you directly, actually the REASON I have it set that way is so that outside media besides the ones I work openly with can not contact me and convince me to be in the “spotlight” on their newscast. Look forward to speaking with you, and fyi anyone that is IN the group, can message me.

  14. WOW... says:

    In response to “JOKE”. You sure did pick the right name because you truly are a “JOKE”!!!
    Your comments are so hard to read due to your lack of proper English and spelling!!! There is this wonderful thing called spell check for those who are unable to spell. I would suggest you try it sometime!?! I would also recommend… taking a English class instead of wasting your time trying to trash a group of people trying to better OUR community!?! If anyone is “CATTY” and looking for a “SPOTLIGHT”… It’s YOU “THE JOKE”!!! You might want to dust those chips off your shoulder… after you get off your soap box!!! You may want to take a look in the mirror, because that one finger you are pointing has a bunch more pointing at YOU!!!

    It is pretty sad to me that people have chosen to use this VERY IMPORTANT news piece to express their frustration about TNW. If you have such a problem with the page, be an adult and take it up with Dani and/or her admin personally!

  15. s says:

    What is up with all the bad spelling on this site recently.
    R U all from Keyes? LOL

  16. kathy says:

    Some ppl are on phones. Mine does not use spell check.. get over yourself spelling nazi.. lol an Dani.. YOU said ‘you know where to find me’ so umm No someone shouldnt need to post their name on here soYOU can private message them… smh. You offered you make it possible for them to email you no other way around. Please get off your high horse. I for one am not a member of this group. I wanted to join but for whatever reason i was declined. By the way you act dani i am just fine with the decline. Unlije you dani i will not stoop any lower an this will be my last comment. Good day all.

  17. you look broke down an tore back in your pic. drink some more liquer alchy says:

    And looks like opinionated loud mouth mary v has joined the convo.. lololol

  18. kathy says:

    *Not other way around

  19. daisy says:

    Wow i just moved off that road. I lived just a few houses from that lady!! I can say that neighborhood has went to crap. Dont get me wrong, i feel bad that they are homeless.. wish they could thrive in the community but alot of them arent jist homeless most are on drugs an homeless for a reason. I have a 1 year old who is very curious an i would been livid if it were my yard. My neighbores lil girl is always in my yard getting her kitty as he likes my cool flowerbed but what if it were her lil fingers it pricked. Its hard for me to have compassion for them anymore when they trash our streets like this. I am thankful people still care and want to help im just glad i dont live there anymore. Not that my new neighborhood is perfect, an pertaining to the above.comments… i was added to tnw when you first started it.. i left. But i would like to rejoin.

  20. daisy says:

    YIKES!! I should also post that i have no relation to the people above me! .. at least i hope not! Lol

  21. s says:

    What sreet is this?

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