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Turlock Bodybuilder Produces Inspirational Video


Turlock resident and California State University, Stanislaus student Cody Huntington, 19, has a big dream. He hopes to become a championship bodybuilder and a successful person.

Even more importantly, he has a desire to share his message of hope and inspiration with others. Recently Huntington created a stirring three-minute inspirational short film, urging people to chase their dreams and become the person they want to be.
In the film he speaks about a pivotal moment in his young life, when his mother passed away when he was just 17 years old.

“My mother, she taught me to me to protect my dreams and she taught me to fight for them, she taught me to believe in my ability to achieve them,” Huntington says.

He goes on to speak about how he has overcome obstacles and how any dream can be achieved.

In the months leading to his mother’s death Huntington began working out in the gym and friends say she was extremely proud of him for showing a commitment and desire to accomplish a goal. Since her passing he works out everyday because he wants to continue to make his mother proud and reach his life goals.

Huntington’s video shows footage of his workout efforts and a universal message of inspiration to help other chase their dreams and overcome obstacles.

“The whole goal is motivation to anyone who has a dream,” he said.

Recently, Huntington won first place in a teen International Natural Bodybuilding Association contest. Natural bodybuilding consists of a combination of a very strict diet and intense gym workouts. Only the most dedicated people will be successful in this sport. Huntington is independent, providing himself the food and money it takes to become a professional.

In September he will compete in Las Vegas at the Team USA qualification where he hopes to earn a berth to the Natural Olympia.

Watch Cody Huntington's video here.

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