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TID, Police Rescue Lost Little Girl


Thanks to an alert pair of Turlock Irrigation District field employees, a lost little girl will sleep safely in her own bed.

At about 3 p.m. on Friday of last week, a little girl, believed to be four years old, was discovered by the pair of TID employees near the intersection of Geer Road and Starr Avenue.

According to TID spokesperson Herb Smart, one employee ensured the girl would not wander into traffic and called Turlock police while the other assisted. Two passing motorists also helped.

About a minute later Turlock police showed up and additional units were dispatched to find the girl’s guardians and home. It was quickly discovered she lived just a few hundred feet away on Starr Avenue. After contacting the girl’s mother it was determined the girl unlocked the door and walked out of the home. Fortunately, the girl has only been gone a few minutes before being discovered by the TID employees.

An officer with TPD advised the mother on safety tips and gave her information on preventing this occurrence from happening again. No arrest was made and the child was found completely unharmed.

The TID employees wish to remain anonymous. Following the incident they resumed their duties.

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  1. starswon says:

    GREAT JOB TID & TPD!! So many times these events lead to much worse endings. Her parents should be very grateful to both TID & TPD for their assistance.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Was the mother fined $100 like I was because my dog was out in my front yard? lol… I’m glad the little girl is safe but mistakes happen… I think I was wrongfully ticketed…. And I think the public should be aware that if their dog is out on their property you could be fined $100.00 FIRST OFFENSE

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