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Irrigation Season Nears End; No Extensions Likely

David Fransen|

With just one month remaining until the end of the Turlock Irrigation District's 2013 irrigation season, growers shouldn't expect any last-minute extensions.

The previously-announced season end date of Oct. 9 is firm, TID Water Distribution Department Manager Mike Kavarian said Tuesday. Oct. 6 will be the last day to place water orders.

The district has received a handful of calls to extend the season, Kavarian said, but any extension is extremely unlikely.

TID is attempting to carry over as much water as possible into next year as a reserve. And following two consecutive critically dry years, every acre-foot of water in reserve counts.

The district's philosophy is simple, Kavarian said: Be as prepared as possible for a third consecutive drought year.

“Some are happy, some are not, but we're trying to be consistent with that philosophy,” Kavarian said.

The district would use between 7,000 and 10,000 acre-feet of water each week the season is extended, Kavarian said.

Though some farmers say they could make good use of the water this year, the district remains committed to long-term planning.

“We want to end Don Pedro (Reservoir) as high as we can, and utilize it that way,” Kavarian said.

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