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TID Candidate Takes Issue With Spilled Water

David Fransen|

A past Turlock Irrigation District water distribution operator and current candidate for the TID board says the district is wasting too much water in this dry year.

According to Darrell Monroe, a candidate for the Division 5 seat currently held by Ron Macedo, TID has spilled 40,000 acre-feet of water this irrigation season.

“They're spilling 10,000 acre-feet in a month,” Monroe said. “It's bad management.”

“Spills” occur when irrigation water reaches the end of the TID system, with nowhere to go but the river. Though the water isn't entirely wasted, it isn't used for its intended purpose: growing crops in the district.

TID spokesperson Herb Smart confirmed that approximately 40,000 acre-feet of water had been spilled as of Aug. 31. That tallies about 7 percent of the total irrigation water sent through the district's system, Smart said.

Monroe said that when he was a water distribution operator, as little as 2 percent of total water was spilled in some dry years.

But the district's spills are actually lower than last year, another critically dry year, when TID spilled 9 percent of water. Though spills were as low as 5 percent between 2008-2009, Smart says the district's spills have never been as low as 2 percent.

A certain level of spillage is nearly unavoidable without negatively impacting TID customers near the end of canals. If the system isn't fully charged with water, those growers can receive less than their allotted water, or water rife with sediment.

“The district acknowledges that this is a dry year, and staff has been instructed throughout the season to reduce spills as much as possible without negatively affecting the level of service we provide to irrigation customers,” Smart said.

From 1991 to 2011, the district averaged 60,000 acre-feet of spilled water each year. Looking only at dry years during that period, an average of 36,000 acre-feet – or 6 percent – was spilled.

Though the figures appear to be on par with past years, Monroe attributed this year's spills to unskilled water distribution operators and poor district practices. Monroe disagrees with the decision to pump more than 150,000 acre-feet of water, while letting 40,000 acre-feet spill.

“It don't make sense to be running pumps and spilling water,” Monroe said.

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  1. Pam Y says:

    When Monroe worked at TID as a water distributor, he actually spilled more water in his laterals. It was so bad and he got fired from TID.

  2. Pam Yettman says:

    Just to inform everyone, this is Pam Yettman and I did not make the previous comment regarding Mr. Monroe.

  3. Leslie KnowsItAll says:

    We all know the reason Darral got fired from TID is because of his BIG mouth! Threatning the boss on a company voice mail wont score you any brownie points. So before you go and blame so called “unskilled” ditch tenders you need to get your facts straight. You spilled more water at night then any other ditch tender in the entire district when you “were” an employee!

  4. Leslie KnowsItAll says:

    Hey Darral, before you go blaming so called “unskilled” ditch tenders for spilling lets take a brief look at your track record before you were FIRED from TID. You spilled more water at night than any other ditch tender in the entire district combined. Also threatning the boss on the company voice mail getting you FIRED was real smart thinking huh? Tell yourself something Turlock, you really want someone as smart as Darral on your TID board? Not rocket science here Turlock!

  5. Leslie says:

    Hey Darral, before you go blaming so called “unskilled” ditch tenders for spilling lets take a brief look at your track record before you were FIRED from TID. You spilled more water at night than any other ditch tender in the entire district combined. Also threatning the boss on the company voice mail getting you FIRED was real smart thinking huh? Tell yourself something Turlock, you really want someone as smart as Darral on your TID board?

  6. Division 5 Resident says:

    Darrel Monroe was our Ditch Tender for 15yrs. and was always concerned more about the farmers and TID customers than his own management! That being the reason he always had management “so called” on his BACK! He knew the District was going in the wrong direction, further from a Public Utility, “which means owned by the Rate payer. To the comment that Darrel got fired I called into TID and they told me he was “Retired” not fired. I’m just a farmer but to my knowledge Darrel is known as the best ever to drive the canal banks next to Jim Chipponeri! He was always the one called to run flood water and Mag H ” a dangerous chemical to kill moss in the canal, and spilled the most “not true” he was the best at re-routing wasted water just ask one of his farmers? Darrel is best suited for a Director seat because he is “for the people” and knows the District

  7. Hilmar Cheese says:

    Darryl Monroe gave away water to the his farmer friends in District 5. He never recorded the water. The tax payers paid for that water that he gave away. That’s why a few of them love him. They didn’t pay for the damn water he gave them. Why wouldn’t they like him?

  8. Marty H. says:

    I am tired of the “non intelligent” and “slandering” comments, Its horrible to use the name Hilmar Cheese to try and put someone down, Hilmar Cheese is way to fascisticated to make irrelevant remarks, especially with some owners supporting Darrel, I got to know Darrel when he was moved to the Ceres Main canal & was my Ditch Tender for 8yrs. He did nothing but great things for are area, when he first started I shared with him some problems I was having, low head pressure, & long running times. He quickly found out that my canal gate was 24″ feeding a 36″ pipeline, He called there maintenance crew & had the gate switched to 36″ Man what a difference, my irrigation time was cut by 7hrs. & plenty of head pressure! no other ditch tender ever bothered to research it? He never gave me free water, just made things run the “Rite Way” Im from District 8, but if he were running for our area he would have my vote! District 5 do your research & ignore the non-intelligent slander! You have your voice! trust Darrel

  9. Too Fat says:

    I’m not a farmer, I don’t own a huge business, I have never met Darrel Monroe or Ron Macedo, but I am a rate payer! First you guys say Darrel is spilling the most water in the District, even as far as more than all ditch tenders combined? Then someone makes a comment that he gives all the water away on the tax payers dime? Is it just me or these two comments contradicting one another? if your spilling it all, how do you give it away? I have asked around to see which candidate makes more since for District 5, nobody knows who Ron Macedo is and he has been on the board 4 years, some farmers I talked to wish he would come around to ask questions about issues facing the district 5 area and never has? They say Darrel Monroe is very involved with current issues, and would even turn to him while still employed by TID with concerns they had. Seams to me Darrel is a “shoe in” and some people are making pathetic comments to slander the man! “NOT RITE” concerned district 5 rate payer

  10. share farmer says:

    Darrel has been my WDO for 25 years, I farmed on the ceres main, lat.2,lat.7, and lower stevinson. all being Darrels beats through the years. I farm parcials all over and deal with numerous WDO’s. Darrel was always different then the rest, I used his knowledge on many occasions even calling him on his days off and he never minded a bit. I still call Darrel to this day and he is always there to help, sometimes when I was in a jam him and his 2 boys would come and do pipeline repairs for me on a moments notice. I don’t think Darrel is blaming the WDO’s, he’s blaming management with not applying the proper hiring techniques and training after being hired. I know one of Darrels sayings, “If the manager can’t do the job his self, how does he train a competent employee”? There’s a lot of truth there! and I think that’s why some people take Darrel wrong, he tells it how it is, if something is black and you try to tell him it’s white, he’s gonna call you out on it! I had the opportunity to know Les Monroe, Darrels dad who worked for TID almost 40 years in the electrical dept. “a great man” Darrel had almost 25 years in the water dept. that’s a combined 65 years of experience in the district, that would come into the boardroom with Darrel,” who has that”? District 5 will appreciate his knowledge

  11. Dairy Central says:

    I’ve known Darrel for years, and he was the best “ever on Lateral 7 & Lower Stevenson! where on the bottom of the TID canal grid and where always out of water before Darrel came on! He researched how much cfs it would take to keep us with a full head of water even in the heat of the season, using pumps and water that would normally be spilled. Darrel’s son does the maintenance on all my pipelines, structures, valves & gates. He said he attributes his knowledge from his dad who tought him the trade. I’ve called Ron Macedo with concerns, not even getting a call back! that’s what he’s suppose to be there for, so I was surprised when he ran again. I had to ask myself why, he don’t do anything for district 5? So why would he run?, ask yourself that

  12. Marks Buddie says:

    Darral is the type of person who will help you, but later on if he needs you for something you by god better be there to help him out. Over the last 10 years he was with the District he had most defiantly changed. Power trips were his thing. You as farmers did not see Darral from the inside, you simply seen him from the outside. Radical is an understatement in what he did when he was a TID employee. What Darral wants is what Darral gets, and if Darral don’t get what he wants then he will throw you under the bus so fast you will not know what hit you. You farmers are so blind sided by his so called kindness and helpfulness but remember this, if Darral did you a favor it was not for free but a personal loan. Be expected to repay him back if he asks you for anything, rather it’s right or wrong, rather you want to or don’t want to, you better do it or he will make sure you pay the price in one way or another. That’s the REAL Darral Monroe!

  13. Division 5 Residents says:

    @ the Division 5 Resident who thinks Darral Retired and not Fired. Clarification 101 is in session! Darral was FIRED for making threts on a company mail box. Then with a little time and some of that married-in Bettencourt money got a layer to fight for him to turn it into “Retired” rather than FIRED! Darral would try to throw everyone under the bus who didn’t side or agree with him. His term of using the words Unskilled Water Distrubution Operators in this article is absolutly funny. He has it set in his mind that he was the best one out of all of them? Rubbish! He was unskilled the first day he started and was unskilled to the day he was FIRED! Darral Monroe pretended to be the best, and believe me he was far from the best! (*edited by tcn) Believe me when I say that Darral Monroes Future was so bright he had to wear shades everyday, yeah, to cover up those bloodshot eyes of his from the years of drinking! So Division 5 ask yourself once again, do you want someone like Darral Monroe on your TID board?

  14. Irwin, C.A. says:

    I have read all the comments on this page and boy it’s gotten a little beside the point? (Marks Buddy) you talk about Darrell from the inside of the District, so you must be a past co-worker. That’s true we don’t know Darrell from the inner workings of the district, but do know his attention to detail and quality service as a canal tender. Us as a community are not looking for someone from a “inner workings” stand point, but to represent us from the “outer workings” stand point. Darrell helped me on numerous occasions with water issues and my pump, never asked for a thing in return! He would even drop by a watermelon every now and then on my front porch! So this is the least I can do is stand up for him for all the jibberish talked about. (Marks Buddy) you talk about Darrell always expecting something in return, so what is it you expect in return for your jibberish mockery, you wouldn’t be so passionate to slander a great candidate for the board’s name if there weren’t something in it for you? Concerned citizen? I think not! you atleast want a pat on the back! Good Boy! Now Fetch! 🙂

  15. Greetings from Delhi says:

    I know Darral, I’ve known him since he was the herdsman for his father in law David Bettencourt of Bettencourt & Marson Dairy. Darral has always had a way of “making people interested in a situation” and I think people are drawn to passionate people, and Darral is passionate about what he thinks is going to benefit TID, he loves the HISTORY of the district & what it was built for, the (Farmer) to bring water to the fertile soils of the central valley and to bring commerce & expansion for drought stricken farming communities. Boy did it work! look now we are the #1 power house in the Ag Commodity Market, through the years TID has used our dams and water ways to generate electricity, thus giving our community’s cheaper rates. Through a GM who was only worried about his own pocket book, and Managers trained in the same way, TID has taken a detour. Our ancestors just wanted water to make there dust stricken fields to produce again to feed there families! Now men in suites, with no ag. back ground, just concerned about the bottom line, and there own, run the district! Darral wants to give the District back to the “People” because he believes with “smoke & mirrors” Management have made the “People” think they have the final say. “Public Utility” owned by the “Rate Payer” “Farmer” “Working Man & Women” Darral wants you to know “YOU OWN” the district! It’s your Vote “District 5”

  16. Betty Lou says:

    Boy you TID guys sound like a bunch of women, gossiping, backstabbing, and trying to degrade a man that gave 25yrs. of his life to that company! I thought my daughter on FaceBook was bad! your grown men for crying out load! You guys probably huddle up in a circle j**k to see what else you can come up with to say about a “Honorable Retire” that was once your co-worker! Jealousy makes people do horrible things! Shame on you! You should want a past employee as a Board Member, he knows what’s lacking in your District. Not a GM that was placed in his position because the other GM ran to Texas! He sits there like a Puppet! Board Members, who are lost for words most of the time, I guess due to lack of knowledge? All I can come up with is someone “High Up” wants it his way! So the wool can be pulled over there eyes easier! My Husband even told me that rite before the Assistant GM retired he tried giving huge raises to multiple Managers, while the farmers in are area could hardly buy feed for there livestock! If you live in town take a Sunday drive in the country and see for yourself how many Dairy Farms are hurting, or have went under! But TID Managers are always crying they don’t make enough! Remember who pays your wage, the next time you drive by and see a Dairyman’s cattle getting loaded up for auction to pay the bank! Selfish! Darall don’t mind the criticism, just stick with the plan me & my husband think you have

  17. Mr. Sawyer says:

    This comment is to (Marks Buddy) You say a lot about nothing? If it was true what you were saying the man wouldn’t of had a job, he would of been terminated! Radical? Power Trips? I checked into Darrels file with the district, and in almost 25yrs. he had never been disciplined for one single action? I find this astonishing after your comments! I know Darrel was going through some issues with management, one side arguing Retaliation for not using Moss Gates that the district put in that “did not work”, and the other arguing that the employee was giving district information to customers? What ever it might be I was told Darrel Monroe is “Retired” from the Turlock Irrigation District, and running for TID Board of Directors District 5 against Ron Mecedo

  18. M Mapes says:

    Please tell me why Darrel was fired? I want to know the truth.

  19. M Mapes says:

    Who got a Felony and did time?

  20. Turlock Resident says:

    I’ve been reading the comments and don’t know if your illiterate? But Darrel was not fired from TID, if you really want the truth call into the district and ask? it’s pretty simple! I did and they said he was Retired! If he was fired he wouldn’t be getting a retirement check? As to your question about a Felony I think your referring to GM Casey Hoshimoto, google his name and it should pop up in Merced County, I think it was for sexual and physical abuse to his own son? Turlock Resident

  21. Worried says:

    Was Casey Hoshimoto a child molester? And he is the GENERAL MANAGER of TID??????? you have got to be kidding me!

  22. G. Valareal says:

    We all know in the end of Darrels career he was at odds with TID management! In a so called “Pissing Match” Darrel was there more for the farmer/customer then his management. I guess when you work for a “Public owned Utility” there’s a fine line between being there for your customer or your management. Darrel believed the “rate payer” someone who pays an electrical bill, and Farmers were getting stiffed by the district. They took a situation about some Moss Gates that didn’t work, and a tool he had made to adjust canal gates to try and terminate him. TID wasted about $20,000 on the gates that still to this day don’t work! They took a situation between him and another employee off district time and started the termination process. Darrel hired outside interest and took TID to arbitration court. Through this process TID & Mr. Monroe settled on a retirement deal. The day that Darrel retired he stated that he would run for TID Board of Director, and would be better suited for “Working for the People” to give them the proper information of what is going on inside the district, so called “Being the voice of the people who actually own the district”! 😉

  23. F.Y.I. says:

    I was told to take a look at this site and WOW! Slander is one thing, Lying is another, but being down rite Militias your a dirt ball!!!!! I hope his kids find out who you are. Remember he has a family, you must not? cause if you did I don’t think you would talk like that. Peace be with you!

  24. "Real" District 5 Resident says:

    I am astonished by the ill educated remarks against Darrel! I have been a resident here 40+ years I’ve known Darrel since, he has also lived in this area 30+ years. If your a TID employee making these “non-credited remarks” you have way to much time on your hands! I say instead of all this back and fourth nonsense, let’s have a “Old Fashion” Debate? Put current seat holder Ron Macedo & Candidate Darrel Monroe in the same room wear they can be asked Past, Present, and Future questions us Residents have? From that we can make a “Sound” decision of who’s knowledge better suites the TID Board of Directors? Pretty Simple You Think?

  25. Mark Mapes says:

    Any comment referring to “marks buddy” or ” M Mapes” dis-credit, someone is falsely using my name for un-known reasons?

  26. F.Y.I. says:

    I say let’s have a “Charity Boxing Match” The man hiding behind the keyboard vs. One of Darrels boy’s lol! Winner donates the proceeds to the charity of his choice? Now instead of Slander you can put “your money where your mouth is”? I would pay good money to see that! LMAO:):D:p;)

  27. Well Said says:

    DEBATE! perfect idea! “When and Where” that’s the best comment I read so far! Division 5 Resident

  28. Tax Payer/ Resident says:

    Why would you be depleting our ground water supply with pumps, pumping 150,000 acre feet into the water grid, to then be spilling 40,000 acre feet out of the system? Specially 2 months ago it was said that there was un-accounted for water still in Don Pedro “Surplus” water? Electrical rates are mentioned to be going another 6% in January? Managers just got an approved raise from the current board of directors? Every year the water allotment is cut, but when the farmer adjust his crop for a drought year, surplus water appears when it’s not needed anymore? Our Line crews have been without a contract for 2 years, and have one of the most dangerous jobs in the world? Out of State electrical contractors doing work for the district, what happened to TID’s top notch apprentice programs for are home grown youth? Our WDO’s should have a stronger union, and have a contract of there own at a higher pay scale? TID own pipeline crews charging improvement districts so much that people are abandoning them? Not Rocket Science here? Either the Board don’t know better? Or it is really ran by big management? The employee’s mentioned are the bread basket of TID but are not treated like it! And what’s with the Main building’s looking more like a Prison, buzz doors, security guards, camera’s, looks like someone is paranoid? Concerned Citizen

  29. TID Ratepayer says:

    I commend those of you who have the nerve to verbalize Darrel’s true colors and the arrogant “my way or the highway” attitude he has always displayed. To the person who said they pulled his personnel record and found nothing – LIAR, personnel records are confidential unless court ordered. TRUTH – Darrel was FIRED and if you don’t believe me check out the May 15, 2012 minutes on TID’s website (under News and Resources tab), he was terminated!!!!! His retirement was granted a year earlier than normal because the board felt he deserved “something” for his years of BAD service and that was added last minute, not negotiated through arbitration as stated above. You guys need to get your facts straight before spewing Darrel’s rhetoric and ball faced lies. If in fact he was convicted of a felony for theft several years ago, why would you want a thief on the board making multi-million dollar decisions? Oh, and by the way, a public forum with everyone of you present would be great, only one thing, Darrel would never show up because he knows nothing but the canal end of TID and nothing about the electrical side. Now he’s throwing all his former ditch tenders under the bus and chumming up with the lineman because their union is putting thousands into their hand-picked candidate in Division 3. Oh, and doesn’t a candidate need to know how to read or at least speak correctly? Darrel doesn’t even own land or a home yet you guys think he’s a farmer that will work for your causes, yeah right. Darrel is about Darrel and doesn’t give a crap about any of you!!!!!

  30. M Kavarean says:

    Why don’t we have Mr. Monroe and Mr Macedo do a “dancing with the stars” competition. Winner takes a seat on the board next to Joe Alamo. Casey can be the judge.

  31. Homeowner/Ratepayer/Farmer says:

    I didn’t know “TID rate payer” that you have to own a house or be a farmer to vote or run for TID board. Also your comment about Mr. Agundaz I think he does own a house and he is from a farming family, so according to your standards he can run for the board. And as far as having to know water and electricity I know NONE of the current board members are that smart or smart enough to ask the right people. I have been to random board meetings and if public speaking was a must Mr. Alamo wouldn’t make the grade.

  32. Delinquent Rate Payer says:

    Boy I Just took my rubber boots off, but maybe I should put them back on! This shit is DEEP! You keep contradicting yourself, First you say he was fired, then the next sentence you say he was RETIRED a year early? Why would Darrel be rewarded for bad service, only Management get’s rewarded/or promoted for bad service! And you want to call someone a Liar look in the Mirror, there was no Arbitration? Numerous TID employees were called into those hearings? Get your facts straight! Even the “On the Payroll Lawyers” of TID were sweating over a “Civil Lawsuit” there the ones who drew up the Retirement deal for Mr. Monroe, It was the most confidential Retirement package ever! And those high priced TID Lawyers made sure to add in the documents Mr. Monroe could never take the District to court by excepting the deal. That’s why a lot of the Hostility/Slander is coming from district employee’s cause there Jealous of the “Retirement Deal” Mr. Monroe got! Public Forum/ Debate, Darrel not show up, I beg to differ! Lets set this up and see who really don’t show up? Darrel only knows the canal, OK, Nothing about the electrical side? I guess you need to do you homework! Darrel’s father was an Electrical Lineman in the Army 4yrs. was with PG&E for 6yrs. & Retiring at TID as “Line Supervisor” with 37yrs. of service! Backfire! Darrel grew up around Electrical Lineman! he’s not going for there support he’s always had it! Felon? come on, really. He’s not throwing the WDO’s under the bus, it’s about management! Read or Speak correctly, I think it takes both to be a WDO? He does own his own home, on his in-laws property for crying out load! And he has always been there for the farmer, check his track record. What makes Ron Macedo so smart? Was he a Lineman? WDO? Did he work for the district at all? Maybe growing a 5 acre Pumpkin Patch qualifies you for the Board? & Who does Macedo care about? I live in district 5 & have never seen him out in this area?

  33. guest says:

    This site is a joke

  34. All Districts says:

    You talk about what it takes to be a “Board Member” and what is considered relevant to be one? How about someone who is already on there? Maybe not a Board Member, but the General Manager? You want to give Web sites, Links, and Tabs? try this one: PASAC Casey Hoshimoto then hit Merced County Sheriff Department

  35. District 5 Resident says:

    We have heard a lot about Darrel! How about who he’s running against? Ron Macedo, what makes him so knowledgeable? What has he done? actually who is he, “the invisible man”? That’s all I can come up with because the man knows nothing! They say at the board room he sits there like a mute! Probably because if he opens his mouth the truth will be heard! Grow a Pumpkin, or hit more golf balls on your neighbors property, and ruin some more of there Orchard Equipment.

  36. Rate Payer & Waitress says:

    If Mr Monroe supports the linemen now, why doesn’t he talk about how one of the lineman kicked his ass at the TID Christmas Party. Darrel was flat on his (*edited by tcn). He couldn’t hurt a fly. He is a big (*edited by tcn).

  37. District 5 "Public Forum" says:

    I say we set up a “Public Forum” or “Debate” what ever you want to call it? For October 16th? if there is a District 5 Farmer/Rate Payer with a Venue that can support the residents of District 5 for a such event, please contact the Current Board member Rob Macedo & Candidate Darrel Monroe with details? Then please let the residents know the Place, What Time, and Where? we look forward to getting some “Facts” after all this garbage on this site!

  38. jon smith says:

    TRUTH- Darrel was fired not retired! It’s a fact. Anyone who states otherwise is either misinformed, delusional, gullable or a plain liar. He was the worst offender when it came to wasted water. People were and still are afraid of him due to many violent threats he’s made in the past…he’s out of control. He was even removed from a TID xmas party for fighting…there was a room full of witnesses so don’t even try to deny it. Board members need to be able to make rational decisions without letting emotions and rage get in the way. To the person complaining about the building being a fortress…It’s partially because of him…when he was FIRED, many employees felt he was gonna walk in and start takin people out…yes, he’s that crazy.

  39. Turlock Resident says:

    I went to the TID website, clicked on “News and Resources” Then clicked on the “Minutes” section, putting in the date May 15th of 2012. The article read that through the Arbitration Court , the GM, & Board, Darrels Lawyer, the Board motioned to Terminate Employment with Darrel Monroe, And to Retire him with full medical benefits. He was Retired out of the district on May 15th 2012

  40. jon smith says:

    Again…Fired, not retired.

  41. Gay Jon Smith says:

    The man is RETIRED!!!!!!!!! He gets a Retirement check! His Medical is still through the District are you delusional?

  42. Donnie Johnson says:

    what was the Lineman’s name?

  43. jon smith says:

    Terminated with benefits…if you’re truly retired, the paperwork doesn’t say terminated unless you’re delusional. You referenced “gay jon smith”…typical hate and emotional response from anyone affiliated with Darrel. Your response speaks volumes for his character

  44. City of Keyes says:

    What a bunch of idiots! Now the man is fighting at TID X-Mas parties but was not Disciplined through the District? With a “Positive Discipline Plan” in force and paid for by the district? And it was a company party come on! I’m A Keyes boy and think your all a bunch off punks! Tuff behind a computer, phone, and probably behind the wheel of a car! And never giving a your name or using someone else’s name! Tuff real Tuff! go flex in the mirror, but you’ll still be looking at a punk! Your type will not even drive through Keyes!

  45. Supporters of Darrel says:

    We are asking everyone that supports Darrel to not leave another comment on this site, the things that are going on here are going nowhere. We are better than this S**T, the lies, and slander are like dealing with trash! Someone mentioned a “Public Forum” that is just what needs to happen! Nobody thinks Mecedo will show up but it’s worth a shot for district 5 residents? So I please ask again, please don’t leave one more comment or response on this site!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You

  46. Concerned for us all says:

    There seems to be a common theme running through all these comments. On one side you have people who sing the praise of Mr. Monroe as the greatest asset that TID ever had. He was misunderstood and only wanted to save the people from what he perceived as the mismanagement of the District. On the other side you have people who have had to deal with him as a fellow employee. They describe someone out of control with a serious problem with authority. What I would ask is look at the facts and decide for yourself.

    [/list]Fact: This District was here long before Mr.Monroe and has survived in his absence. He did do a good job of taking care of his customers but the best ever? It seems like the farms in Hilmar have survived just fine since his departure. [list]

    [/list]Fact: You can call it anything you want but he was terminated, went through the arbitration process, and chose to appeal to the board in open session. He lost all those hearings. The fact that he was gifted with his retirement is something else. Last I checked 55 was the earliest retirement age at the TID. [list]

    [/list]Fact: In the article that started this whole discussion Mr. Monroe states that unskilled WDO’s and bad management are to blame for the spilled water. Four years ago when Directors Macedo and Alamo were elected Mr. Monroe campaigned heavily to get the current managers replaced with the current managers and rightfully so. Now all the managers need to be replaced because they are incompetent in his eyes?[list]

    [/list] Fact: That Mr. Monroe is fit to lead this District as a Director because he was a WDO and his father was a lineman would be like saying I have a television so I can be an actor. A Director not only represents the concerns of the people of his area but the concerns of us all on State and National levels. Do you want someone whose defense for not wearing a company shirt was that no one showed him how to button it representing us in front of the State Water Resources Control Board ?
    I agree a forum would be nice but what about Mr. Cantatore writing an article and ask all the candidates to respond to the same questions. Then choose who you feel would be the right candidate.

  47. To: "Concerned for both Sides" says:

    You were going the rite direction in the publics eye, but as I read through your comment it was obvious your not “Concerned for both Sides” but once again heavily on one side. Even with some more nonsense about a shirt, what are you 12?

    Fact: I don’t know who’s the better Candidate for District 5? A “Public Forum” would be great! There’s a few things wrong with doing it on this site: No Filter, any one would be able to hop in during the Candidates questioning? The public don’t know who is actually answering the questions? That would be the day we vote for our President via a website lol? This site is so “Un-Filtered” that I can even write that M. Kavarion is having a affair with his secretary, and people will probably believe it lol?

    Fact: Darrel was a Herdsman on a Dairy for 10 yrs. @ TID for 25 yrs. as a WDO, His Father was a “Boss” in the Line Dept. Retiring after 37yrs. of service? What does just (1) Current Board member have on his Resume that out performs that Knowledge to benefit the “People” and the “District”

    Fact: ” Retired” or “Fired” has became like one of those rap songs these kids listen to now, “Just keeps repeating the same thing” “Broken Record”

    Fact: I’m just a District 5 Resident but I think the above comment was written by a “New Manager” because they stated that I guess “Old Managers” where removed partially because of Darrel, and quoted “Rightfully So” So why would a TID Manager care who’s on the Board?

    Fact: I do agree the District has been here long before Darrel and even his Father, But who built the District? What was it built for? And what direction is it going? Because they say it was built by farmers needing water in the central valley because the droughts were so bad they couldn’t grow there crops? Now it just seems like the “Money Machine” is in the Electrical, and the Farmers have became a nuisance! They want to make the water a “Money Machine” also but one problem, the Farmers Broke

    Fact: I’m District 5 so let me know when, and where? I look forward to some “Real” facts that the Candidates can answer in front of me? So I’m calling you out Mr. Monroe & Mr. Macedo we want some answers? PLEASE!!!!!!

  48. TID Employee says:

    I worked with Darrel in the winter time when the WDO’s come back into the yard to do maintenance on the canal system. Darrel puts his “foot in his mouth” sometimes! But one thing I would have to say in his defense is that he has a lot of knowledge, There was even a Article wrote in the paper stating ” Cargill’s Desperadoes” referring to a state of the art drop built by several elite employee’s of the district, Darrel being one of them! I’m not choosing a side, but you can’t take away the man’s knowledge no matter how you slander him.

  49. TID Employee says:

    I was also at that so called Christmas Party where Darrel was stated to be knocked on his a** by an electrical lineman, False more slander there! There was an argument between Darrel & and another district employee Tim V.F., “who is not a lineman by the way” and also known as a s**t starter in the district! There was no physical fight, and the two of them apologized to each other shortly after, Even working on a canal lining project together.

  50. Turlock Resident says:

    I have been told that the reason they are putting security guards, camera’s, and secured doors at all the main buildings is because so many “Irate” customers have came in over issues with bills? Now literally you are shifted rite to the so called “Pay your bill here” bullet proof window.

  51. Hughson Farmer says:

    I just caught wind of the last board meeting, and was pretty flabbergasted! By gosh I guess that Scott Cole TID trouble shooter, and Gus Valareal TID WDO, are under suspicion of stilling water for one of Scotts rented properties? I’m a farmer by gosh and can swear that Scott and Ron Macedo farm acreage together? hopefully this ain’t true by golly! that would be horrible

  52. Turlock/Hilmar/Delhi/Irwin says:

    When is this “PUBLIC FORUM” going to take place? I was even thinking they can get a big hall in Turlock and have all candidates there? Macedo/Monroe & Alamo/Agundez? then people from there Districts can ask questions straight to there current Board members, and Candidates?

  53. Lateral 7 Farmer says:

    I seen Darrel every day he was working for TID during the irrigation season. If he was such a bad ditch tender, wasting water, giving it away, un-skilled etc…….. Why was he constantly training a new wdo. Because I even asked Darrel why he always had a ride along? and he told me that the dept. manager always sends him the trainee’s, and I seen this season after season for myself. Even when TID had Darrel under a microscope they would still ask him to train, why? I know at the very end he even refused to train a new hire because everything that was going on internally in TID

  54. RE: concerned for both sides says:

    I am not concerned for either “side”. My concern is how this will impact this District and the customers within it. And no, I am not 12, only pointing out that if you were supposed to wear a supplied uniform, by management, and your response is no one showed me how to button it you either have a serious problem with authority or think your superior to those who manage you. And you are right. In the scope of things it is a simplistic issue or the basis for the argument.
    I asked if Mr.Cantatore could write an article asking all the candidates the same questions so we have some base to make a decision. If this forum has shown anything it is that civility means nothing. With some of the comments that have been made would you want to have a public forum? I am saying at the least we should have an opportunity to view the candidate’s position on all things.
    As far as Mr. Monroe’s employment history I think it does matter. Is he running because after he “retired” things have fell apart and he is going to save the day? Or was he “terminated” and is running as a disgruntled employee looking to avenge his demise. As far as “old” managers vs. “new” managers I think that anyone with knowledge of the situation , customers and employees alike, would agree that the common goal of providing irrigation water to the customers of this District was being lost. Mr. Monroe worked to change the environment and help place the management that they now have. Recently Mr. Monroe has ,through articles like this one and every Tuesday in the board room, criticized the management that he lobbied for. Did they suddenly forget the years of knowledge they had or did they fall out of favor in his eyes? And for the record 1991 to 2011 does not equal 25.
    As far as why any manager would care who is on the board? Last time I checked the Board of Directors are at the top of the hierarchy and policy flows from there. Everyone, not just employees, should worry about who is on the Board.
    I agree that the people of District 5 need answers to the questions they have. Mr. Cantatore please contact the candidates and ask them a set number of questions. Then write an article with their responses so we can choose who should have the rite to lead this District in the right direction.

  55. Hugson Farmer says:

    They have to spill the water, they held it back from the farmer when it was really needed! Now they have to “back door” it through the system. So all the pumps that were rented on the tax payers dime to make up for a drought year weren’t even needed cause the water was actually there! Depleting our ground water in the process! Who’s pulling the trigger on these decisions? There were even homes that there well’s ran dry, from Deep wells put in by farmers to offset the drought year in Denair. (*edited by tcn) It has even been said that Scott and board member Macedo share farm together? Ron Macedo and Darrel Monroe are running for Division 5 Director & Joe Alamo and Dan Agundaz for Division 3.

  56. Division 5 says:

    Blah Blah Blah! Why is it that everyone supporting Macedo will even go to lengths of slander and ridicule for the man that does nothing for division 5? You guy’s are so verbal until your asked to come to a “Public Forum” then you come up for every reason not to? Is it because Macedo will have to talk? In front of people? Like a Board member should? Last time I checked this great country has had Public Debates for over 200 years! Now all the sudden we have to do it over this site, common? But that’s rite, someone else can answer for you so you don’t look stupid! I think you guy’s talk a big game, how Darrel’s not suited to be a Director. But for some reason the one called a Director already is scared of a Debate? What’s there to lose Darrel only knows the canal, rite? And 1989 to 2012=23

  57. anonymous says:

    Darrel should spend his Tuesdays campaigning, mass mailing campaign literature, andnot wasting time every Tuesday pestering the TID board and being a disgruntled employee who was terminated lawfully. A word of wisdom Mr. Monroe…..anyone who spends more time talking bad about someone else has NOTHING god to say about himself. Look in the mirror and in your soul before you cast stones Darrell. ….

  58. Division 5 says:

    Blah Blah Blah! I find it funny how many people slander and lie for Mr. Macedo! You all have a mouth the size of Texas, but every time someone mentions a “Public Forum” you have every excuse not to? You remind me of chihuahua’s, all bark! Debates have been done in this country for over 200 years, but you want to do it on this site, could you imagine voting for the President via a website? Why do you want it that way so someone can answer Macedo’s questions for him, if Darrel is so dumb you should want to have a “public forum” so Macedo can show everyone how “on point” he is, and would show how Darrel don’t have a clue? But for some reason you guy’s get amnesia every time “public forum” or “debate” is brought up? And see public the last comment wants Darrel to stay out of the board room? That board room was built for you to know what’s going on inside the district? But they want him to stay out, I wander why? Fact: he’s actually in there for some district 5 farmers with questions about electrical/water related issues, because there harvesting! That’s what a board member is suppose to do, see what issues are facing there district, and be the voice inside that room. Somewhere along the line that practice got dropped? Just a little (101)

  59. Hughson Farmer says:

    Everyone is so worried about Darrel that there looking rite over a issue inside the district? The Improvement District Trouble Shooter, and a WDO where stealing water for rented ground and actually confronted by a farmer. The Farmer was parked on the canal bank when the confrontation occurred, and TID hired “Security Patrol” showed up and asked the farmer leave. Management & the Board know about the situation and are doing nothing about it? If I was the one stealing water I would of been popped with a $1,000 fine, and if I didn’t pay that my canal gate would of been locked down! So I think this is the stuff that Darrel says goes on in the district! If your a “Manager” or “In with Management” it’s a free for all, with no repercussions!

  60. Guest says:


    I am not for or against anyone. Mr. Monroe worked for TID all those years, and not once voiced a concern or compaint about any “issues” or “impropriaties” of anyone, nor anyone in management. Mr. Monroe was silent until his termination, so that raises a lot of questions and concerns. What is his real agenda here? Nobody is trying to keep him out of board meetings. In the 25 years as an employee, did he ever attend weekly board meetings to voice his concerns? In 25 years, did he ever go and voice any “issues” or questions he seems to now have? And if he did, and felt nothing was done, he could have easily voiced his concerns to the public or media. I do not hear Mr. Monroe saying anything about what he wants to do if elected. The Board meeting time for public comment is not an open forum to try to bring up the past and use as a debate platform. There are more things that need attention rather than Mr. Monroe and his agenda. Does Mr. Monroe know anything about TID other than being a WDO and water(which is a loss that is subsidized by the electric rate payer), does he know anything about ther relicensing of the dam, anything about renewable resources and the items that pertain to California legislation, anything about the electric issues facing the customer? There is more to TID than water? This article and his complaint are senseless. Does Mr. Monroe know of the other losses to TID that surpass any amount of water that is “spilled”?

    Can Mr. Monroe say, without a doubt or hesitation that he NEVER gave free water to farmers? can Mr. Monroe say in the 25 years working for TID that he never misused TID equipment for personal use or gain, that he NEVER abused time for personal benefit, NEVER used TID employees to do personal work, EVER? Would he be willing to state that under oath or take a lie detector to prove otherwise?

    TID needs board members who will represent the district professionally and will do the best for our rate payers, not try to win to get back at someone or to prove a point. Mr. Monroe needs to state his platform, his agenda, say what he can do for TID, what he wants to accomplish, not complain about someone personally, or waste time each Tuesday.

    Again, Anyone who spends more time talking bad about someone else, clearly has nothing good to say about themselves! Check your moral compass Mr. Monroe before you cast stones. Do for the good of TID not try to detroy it.

    State your agenda and stop complaining.

  61. Guest says:

    Mr. Monroe only has one agendy and that is to try to get back at those who lawfully terminated him.

  62. Farmer (weighing trucks) says:

    I love when these so called “Analytical” people jump on this site and try to bash Darrel, and then at the end of there comment tell Darrel to check his “moral compass” look in the “mirror”, & to stop casting so called “stones” my dad always told me what is good for the goose, is good for the gander? And looking over the multiple comments all I see is I guess “Macedo” supporters casting desperate stones at Darrel? The concerned citizens have asked for a so called “public forum” wouldn’t you be able to find out then what his “platform” his “agenda” and what he can do for the district? In person? Good point about the “lie detector” test but let’s add a twist? Lets put current manager’s, and the GM, through the same set of questions? And by the way I love how you start off that your not against “anyone” but your entire comment is “trying” to slam Darrel? And not “ONE” person has stated anything that Macedo has done for division 5?? Public Forum would be great we would get Darrel’s agenda & find out what Macedo is going to so called keep doing for us in division 5?? I’m just a farmer weighing silage trucks but some of those comments seem like there coming straight out of TID’s spokesman or P.R. Dept. “Forum” “Debate”???

  63. Concerned Citizen says:

    Why would TID’s public relation’s department be involved in a campaign for a Board of Director Seat?

  64. Farmer weighing trucks says:

    We don’t know for sure but some of those comments look like someone who is trained to “sway the public” and why? Because the district probably wants a certain type of Director. Darrel has been our ditch tender for 15 years and we have heard everything from he ran the district from the bottom, to he was the reason former GM Weis resigned and went to Texas, to The assistant GM retired early because of all the dirt that was brought up about him through Darrel’s arbitration, to multiple manager’s where removed because of his rallying, so that’s why the district would not want him on the board, but there’s a problem the Director is the voice of the people, voted in by us! And the reason us Farmer’s know all this because Darrel is very untuned “with us” he knows our so called language, and our needs! Plus he’s worked for the district all those years so he knows the logistics internally and us externally!

  65. Guest says:

    Last I checked one board member can’t make a decision on his own? So your “retaliation” “his own Agenda” goes rite out the window. Last I checked there’s 5 board members, and to pass a Proposal through the Board takes at least 3 votes to pass, “over weigh the 5 Board Member Panel” so “NO” Darrel cannot go in there with guns blazing, and start changing all kinds of district decisions! that’s ridiculous!!

  66. Guest says:

    Ok then. I then hope he is elected so his supporters can see the reality of responsibility ahead of him. I would tend believe there is way more that needs to be known than giving water to sit on the board. Is that all TID does, provide water?? A majority vote is needed yes, but to sit up there because you want to “prove” something is another story. Mr. Monroe wants a public forum, and should have a debate, but is it to do what he feels is “right”(like attending the boeard meetings to try and “pick” apart alledged issues or deficiencies within TID rather than stating who he is and what he wants to do for TID. I have heard nothing positive that he wants to do. Mr. Monroe should not try to bring others down when he suffers from alledged deficiencies himself. I would think that in todays world you do not need a public forum to do this. He has a District seat he wants to fill, there are many public areas in that District. Mr. Monroe could easily state his position to the media and/or a town hall meeting to introduce himself and state what his agenda is, his goals, and his plans is elected, etc…..

    It would be hoped that he can gain support by telling the positive and meaningful things he would hope to accomplics as a seated board member. To think he will accomplish anything by filling a room with negativity and acting as someone with an axe to grind in hopes of proving something, is wrong.

    Best of luck to you Mr. Monroe.

  67. guest says:

    A rogue board member can ABSOLUTELY make decisions and get even with district employees outside of the boardroom setting…to think otherwise is naive and rediculous

  68. guest says:

    A rogue board member can ABSOLUTELY make decisions and “get even” with staff outside of the boardroom setting. To think otherwise is naive

  69. Anonymous says:

    I find it utterly sickening how you guys rant and rave, slander, try to be little Mr. Monroe but in return you want Mr. Monroe to be so positive, and not talk negative about anyone in the district! Come on you make me sick! I watched the Obama/Romney debate and they were casting stones in front of millions of people! And not to mention, they were face to face so everyone could see “who stood for what” the American way! You guys took something Mr. Monroe stated about Management running pumps? to then be spilling 40,000 acre ft. In a drought year? And un-skilled WDO’s being guided to do it, which we heard the TCN site left certain things out to make it a more juicy of a story, to start a “war of words”! Mr. Monroe is campaigning around district 5, when I talked to him about this site he said that he don’t have time to mess with looking at it, but all kinds of people have called him about it. He said that the journalist came up to him for an interview on the subject, but he never knew bits and pieces of the interview were going to be used? But he laughed and said I guess it made a juicey story, they know how to twist words to make it “interesting” I asked him about the “public forum” that was talked about on this site, he simply said “when and where”

  70. guest says:


  71. To Guest says:

    Please explain, I thought the “Board” was “inside” a boardroom setting making a decision as a team for the benefit the district? You talk about “Outside” a boardroom setting? Please explain because your the one who’s sounding naive?

  72. guest says:

    Nope, not naive…it’s a fact, whether you wanna admit it or not. Board members don’t just talk on board day. They work behind the scenes as well and have a ton of influence on many policies and decisions without them ever being discussed in a board room

  73. Lower Stevenson says:

    I farm where the Lower Stevenson spills into the Merced River, To say that Darrel spilled the most water I would have to differ! Darrel did run pumps during the heat of the season “corn season” to keep us farmers down here on the bottom with a full head of water! Most of the time if there was spillage a farmer would try picking it up since lateral 7/ lower Stevenson are such busy beats. The ditch tenders we have now are doing a great job, but Darrel was an outstanding ditch tender! Darrel padded are wallets ” go fly a kite”! Never happened. Now your going to start calling us farmers thieves? We’re the reason you have a job! Darrel was on our beat for over 15 years, but nobody else could ever make the grade until our current ditch tenders! Check the track record there’s numerous ditch tenders that either got moved out because they couldn’t cut it, or put in to transfer out. One guy with the last name like Dorksen, we thought he was going to have a heart attack! Darrel helped him a lot even though he was on his week off. The truth is I think Darrel helped a lot of new hires, but that’s just my thought

  74. guest says:


  75. Lower Stevenson Farmer says:


  76. Guest says:

    I’m a Mr. Monroe supporter, so tell me again what that means? You state “Typical of a Monroe supporter”? My family has Ranched & Farmed Almonds for over a 100 years in and around the division 5 area. I think every comment on this whole page are irrelevant, except the one’s calling for a “Public Forum” where we would get answers from both Monroe & Macedo? Again, ” What’s a Typical Monroe Supporter”?

  77. rate payer says:

    Our groundwater resources are a ” very serious issue”! with that being said a couple months ago the district announced there was an abundance of water available? But TID’s management were choosing to still run ground water pumps? So there is either a lack of knowledge, of how to run a efficient TID canal system or the shots are being called from higher up? either way it’s just poor management period.

  78. concerned for all of us says:

    Anonymous – How can you say how sickened you are by those who question Mr. Monroe and his reasons for seeking a Board position and then proceed to inform us of how he has been misunderstood. The article that started this was Mr.. Monroe stating that 40,000 AF of water was being spilled during a drought. Did Mr. Monroe go on to state that the system is gravity fed and was meant to always spill water to ensure those farmers at the bottom of the system a steady supply? Did he explain that pumps are used to try and minimize spills since water is supplied in 24 hour increments but irrigation times are unpredictable? Did he offer improvements that could be made to the system to save resources ? Instead he stated that unskilled WDO’s, lead by incompetent management, is to blame. How management has guided these unskilled WDO’s to run these pumps and spill this water. Then you state that you spoke with Mr. Monroe and he said that parts of this article were omitted to make a better story. Really? His words were twisted out of context to make things more interesting? Let me see if I get this right: Anyone not named Monroe is incompetent whether they be a WDO, management, Director or now a reporter. Seems like a pattern is developing. If you want to stop a “war of words” say something positive instead of taking every opportunity to criticize others.

    Lower Stevenson- I am glad to hear you give credit to the two WDO’s you currently have. Maybe you can ask Mr. Monroe why he made derogatory comments about him during the public comment period during a recent Board meeting. And the word is “terminated” not “retired”

    Guest- There is no typical Monroe supporter. Anyone with any knowledge would say that he cared for his customers. But that is not the issue. The issue is does he have the qualifications to lead this District as a Director.

    Debates and public forums are great if the audience is equal and not there to quiet the other side. I will try this one final time. I am not asking for a debate to be held on this comment page. I am asking for a reporter, whether it be Mr. Cantatore ( since he is a reporter for TCN ) or reporter for another news source, to personally interview each candidate with the same questions so we have some basis to make a decision. It baffles me why some continue to have issues with this. And if you believe that the President is not elected by what is printed in the news, rather it be electronic or good old fashion paper, your delusional. I have never personally been to a presidential debate but I have voted for the person I felt was the best candidate for the position. The only reason a candidate would be opposed is if their whole reason for seeking this position was built on smoke and mirrors.

  79. Irwin Resident says:

    A earlier comment by a farmer said that people are starting to believe that TID is involved with there P.R. Dept. or a spokesman for the district. I 100% believe that comment now! I have just been sitting back and waiting for a “such comment” and the one above is one! That is wrote by somebody that spends there time “swaying the public”! That’s not written by a TID manager, WDO, or a concerned citizen? That’s written by someone telling a reporter what to say or straight from TID personnel itself!

  80. concerned for all of us says:

    Irwin Resident- I don’t know whether I should feel flattered for being seen as a spokesman for the District or insulted by being lumped in with management!! As far as swaying opinion with “such comment” are you actually saying that everyone that has made a single comment on this site was not trying to sway the public? Or that the article that was written was not meant to sway the public? And because someone has an opinion that differs from your position or questions what others have insinuated they must be in with management? And why would someone from TID tell a reporter to write the article that was published on TCN? It was a real flattering portrail of the District and those who run it. Again all anyone is asking is give us a chance to learn the position of all 4 candidates running for the rite to represent you and I as a Director. Learn their position on renewable power, Don Pedro re-licensing, the amount of resources the State and other agencies or trying to take away. Issues that effect all of us no matter what District you live in. If you view that as someone who is a “spokesman” for the District then so be it. As Mr. Monroe would tell you, and most people would agree, we all are the District. And the person who is elected is important to all of us. If you believe after seeing the position of both candidates that Mr. Monroe is the right person to be a Director for TID then vote for him. And I will do the same.
    And if you actually believe that a reporter, be it for TCN, Modesto Bee, etc.., is told what to say by anyone then you have insulted the very base of who they are.

  81. Anonymous says:

    —————-Well Said————– Because this back and fourth is ridiculous!!!

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