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Yonan’s Jewelers Hosts Israeli Diamond Cutter

Jonathan McCorkell|

Yonan’s Jewelers in Turlock hosted a two-day diamond cutting event with Israeli- born diamond cutter Arie Maor this week, who visited from Chicago where he works for Ofer Mizrahi Diamonds Inc.

Maor learned the art of diamond cutting from his father when he was boy in Israel and, over time, he has developed quite a love and imagination for turning a straight-from-the-mine gray, dull diamond rock into a beautiful piece of jewelry.

His artistry was on display at Yonan’s Jewelers to give customers a unique look at what it takes to create an “ideal cut” diamond. Maor says that, contrary to popular belief in the jewelry industry, the quality cut of a diamond is far more important and appreciated than the quantity of cuts.

Thanks to modern technology, Maor explains, a diamond’s first cut is made by laser via computer software, but from that point on a diamond cutter is needed to bring the true luster and sparkle from the diamond.

Maor uses a cast-iron wheel with diamond cutting powder, oil and glue and a mounting device to make his precision cuts in periods of times that can range from one day to weeks, depending on the size and complexity.

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