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Turlock City News

Pursuit for Stolen Auto Ends in Turlock Crash


A lengthy pursuit for a male driver in a stolen car ended abruptly with a chaotic scene in Turlock at about 7:30 a.m. on Thursday.

Stanislaus County Sheriff's deputies began the pursuit of a gray Toyota Camry in South Modesto, proceeding through Ceres and into Turlock. Turlock police then joined the chase down Geer Road.

The driver of the car eventually ended his getaway attempt by crashing into a fire hydrant in front of Bliss Salon on Geer Road.

Turlock Police Department Spokesperson Mayra Lewis says the suspect fled from the vehicle after the crash. Turlock police and Sheriff's deputies later located him in the area.

A witness to the mayhem who lives in the 2100 block of Temple Ave., just off the intersection of Geer and Tuolumne roads, says she heard the impact and saw the water from the fire hydrant shooting into the air. She then watched from her home as the suspect attempted to climb over a fence into a neighbor’s backyard before authorities tackled him to the ground and arrested him.

The suspect's name is unknown at this time.

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