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Evasive Driver Eludes 17-year-old Following Collision


Stevinson resident Babette Gamel is profoundly perplexed at how a relatively minor automotive collision involving her 17-year-old daughter and an unknown mid-20’s Hispanic male could create such a headache. She is asking for the public’s help in determining who collided with her daughter in the accident.

According to Gamel, her daughter was involved in a traffic accident between 4:30 and 5:30 p.m. on Oct. 5 at the intersection of Golden State Boulevard and Olive Avenue in Turlock. She says her daughter was driving northbound on Golden State Boulevard towards the AM/PM station when a tan or brown four-door truck improperly switched lanes without a blinker, causing her daughter, who was in the opposite lane, to collide with the truck.

According to Gamel her daughter and the driver of the truck pulled over in front of the AM/PM gas station and when her daughter attempted to obtain the driver's information the driver refused to supply a California driver’s license. She says her daughter, being 17, was unaware of the proper procedure following a traffic accident and accepted the driver’s refusal. The driver supplied only a insurance card of a Hispanic male in their mid 50's to early 60's. The name on the insurance card did not match the description of the driver Gamel’s daughter had reported.

According to Gamel, her daughter says an unidentified Hispanic female in her mid-to-late 20’s was the passenger in the vehicle, along with two small children in the rear of the 4-door truck.

Gamel explained that the incident could cause her daughter’s insurance rates to increase and she believes deception was involved. “My daughter was shaken by this and she is just a twig of a thing. She didn’t know what to do. The owner of the vehicle filed a claim with the insurance company; however, the owner is in his 50's and the driver was in his 20's,” she said.

Gamel says she attempted to obtain surveillance footage from AM/PM but when she asked for the tape the clerk at the gas station did not speak English and did not understand the question.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Gamel on Facebook at www.facebook.com/babette.gamel.

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  1. Carl says:

    The Kim Komando Dual Camera Dash Cam is your best bet to protect yourself for next time. I just placed an order for mine after seeing two accidents within a week right infront of me. I hope your sucessful in your search for the driver.


  2. common sense says:

    Do not let your teenage driver get a license if she isnt aware of the law and just plain common sense! Every driver involved in an accident is required by law to exchange information. If he refused she should have called the police. As for the parent in this situation… so the Ampm clerk doesnt speak English? I find that unlikely since most of their business are English speaking customers. You should have gone to the cops and had an officer go obtain the video. Maybe insurance should go up for ignorant teens and the parents who allow them to drive.

  3. angry says:

    guest of common sense maybe you need some common sense! at least the team did the right thing in try to get information it’s not her fault that these illegal immigrants think they can just run around and have everything handed to them free and not have any consequences this lady needs to be found and have consequences! when you have been a victim of an illegal immigrant and having to pay for everything out of your own pocket then let’s see if you change your answer until then please do not leave your rude comments about a kid who did the right thing the lady was in the wrong and she had her kids so obviously she didn’t care about in dangering her kids with a note DMV classes and no license how you going to drive a vehicle if you don’t understand what the sign says! there’s your common sense!

  4. stephanie says:

    that kinda sounded like my ex discription his family lives by there

  5. s says:

    And good ol Jerry Brown recently signed a bill to allow ILLEGAL IMIGRANTS to get drivers licenses, to get more votes for the democrats of course.

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