Downtown Turlock Trick-or-Treating Event


The Kiwanis Club of Turlock will be hosting “Trick-or-Treat Downtown” from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Halloween, sponsored by The Turlock Downtown Property Owners Association.

Trick-or-treating little monsters will begin their candy-crazed exploration at Central Park, next to the Chamber of Commerce, where there will be free popcorn and free ice cream being given out. Then they will travel down the spooky corridors of Main Street with more than 30 ghoulish business owners giving out candy to trick-or-treaters.

For more information on the Downtown Halloween event, visit

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  1. Lineman watching says:

    Advertisers like Rob Santos and Jaureguy’s own this website and what is posted. My comments about stealing at TID have not been posted and I’ve noticed comments getting deleted. It’s also obvious that if you advertise like Jaureguy’s does than you get your picture shown in articles over all the other great downtown stores who actually put together these events. I used to think this was the only fair new site because I know the Journal and Bee have always sold out to advertisers and politicians but now Turlock City News is the same.

    Post my TID comments to prove that Rob Santos does not control David Fransen like a puppet. The linemen at TID are watching.

  2. David says:

    Post your real name with a real e-mail and TCN will publish your comment “Mrs Lineman Watching”. Afraid of going to jail? LOL. Post It. I want to know about stealing and homosexual relations at TID.

  3. full disclosure says:

    what is santos’ position with turlock city news? is he related to dj fransen in any capacity? full disclosure would be appreciated.

  4. Eyes Wide Shut says:

    I think Rob Santos is related to Ron Macedo and Joe Alamo. He might also be related to Casey Hashimota

  5. Quentin says:

    To ‘Eyes Wide Shut”…facts can be so misleading while rumors (true or false) are often revealing.

  6. to answer your question says:

    i dont think rob santos and dj fransen are related. but they are co-owners or partners with fransen’s marketing company ‘pressert’ marketing (which runs all the ads on this site) and everyone knows santos gives fransen a lot of money to run TCN. DJ could not have started TCN or his advertisting company without the help of Santos’ wallet. he’s the money tree around here.

  7. People says:

    People are reading way too much into the ads.

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